January 30, 2009

Too much surfing, not enough tatting.

I went to leave this morning to head to the midwife's office, and found that my poor husband had taken my purse with him instead of the diaper bag! He had my phone so I had no way to contact him. He also had my tatting.....grrrr! Anyway, it was a good thing my keys had been left out that day, or I would have had to pay a 40 dollar missed appointment fee, and then I wouldn't have been able to afford any new thread! Can't have that can we! :-) I have been drooling on etsy lately, at all the pretty colors of hand dyed thread---I now see skiens of brightly colored thread dancing in my head at night, forget about sugar plums!

So anyway I need to stay away from the blogs and groups and online shops today to get some housework done, and practice my "onion ring" tatting. I found some info online and I tried one of the practice patterns and discovered that I also need to learn how to join the last picot without twisting apparently. How is it that learning one thing leads to needing to learn another thing? I suspect that it will go on and on.....and on.....and on like this for the whole of my tatting career. Alas, I really want to get started on a project, I hate tatting things just for practice....it's more fun when you get to see something wonderful develop along the way, instead of little bits and pieces I guess.

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