February 2, 2009

Challenge #6

For motif #6 I went back and tried again at an Iris Niebach pattern that she has available for free on her website. I had tried it on needle beefore, but I had done the second round wrong and I was having to add new thread every two inches around the edging so I gave up. I went at it again this time with shuttles, It's not blocked well yet, and I'm not happy with some of the thread hiding I did, and I did miss the stitch count in one spot but I'm not going to tell you where! I like the pattern a lot though, very quick to work up.

Today I went to my local Michaels to pick up some more crochet cotton, and to my surprise, they don't carry any. At all! None! They remodeled recently, and all they seem to have is scrapbooking and novelty yarn and some beads. I'm bummed. Probably won't go there any more. I guess it just gives me an excuse to put in another order at Handy Hands!

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TattingChic said...

This is absolutely lovely! You did a beautiful job.