February 25, 2009

Lost in a sea of WIP

I haven't posted since last week, but I've been tatting during as much quiet time as I get :-) Nothing is finished yet, but I suppose I can give updates.

WIP 1. Iris Niebach Doiley from "Tatted Doileys". It's slow going on this one because I keep not paying attention to the diagram properly :-) The diagram is like a slice of pie, and the stitch count numbers are on the edge of the "slice" and I keep forgetting to do all the joins that should be there. I don't tat with the tot around anymore though........although she forced me to become adept at opening closed rings.......

WIP 2. Iris' TIAS. My handy hands order came yesterday! So I had thread to start the TIAS finally. The bummer is that I ordered some specific thread I wanted to use doing the one of the projects from the book "Tatting with Visual Patterns" that I had also ordered, but the book is on backorder, and I got the cotton hanky for Baby's bonnet, but the thread I ordered for that is backordered too.....so all my planned projects are waiting for now.

WIP 3. A take on one of the lessons from the online tatting class this week. I'm doing a small motif from one of the Boucher pages, turning it into a medallion on my own, and it's taken me a few tries. the second round got whacked off last night, and I'm not really 100 percent happy with how it is now, but I'm going to finish it anyway because I need to finish something!

That accounts for all of my shuttles at this time, and now that kiddo is napping and hubby is watching TV and the dishes are done and I'm just waiting for the dryer to beep............... I might go do some tatting YAY! After devotions I think.... Been real bad about that lately. God time first, then tatting.

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Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I love the tatted edging on the flip-flops!

I love Iris Niebach's designs. To help me keep track of where I am, I make a copy of the diagram and pencil in all the stitch counts. Then I make enough copies for each "slice of pie." I pencil in each section as I finish. I've found that by doing this I can follow Iris's patterns easily and I make fewer mistakes.

I think you will love Tatting With Visual Patterns... it's one of my favorite books!