February 10, 2009

neeed.....sense of................accomplishment!

I had to let that doily simmer for awhile, or maybe it was me that needed to simmer. Either way I took the opportunity to try some size 80 thread, it's DMC, the only color the shop had :-)
I must say it wasn't as scary as it seemed, the pattern is from etatters, and I substituted the outer rings for scmr's 'cause it made sense to me after doing the first one. Now I see the draw toward smaller threads, the work seems so fine and delicate, feels nice in the hand. Measuring in at and inch and a half, if I could stiffen it well it would make a cute pair of earrings. The guitar pick was the only thing handy for size comparison. I do need to experiment with hiding ends in the small thread, if you have suggestions please do share! I guess I'll try for magic threads, it just seems so small to weave ends in and I don't have that small of needle handy.

In other news, I have been wanting to make something for the new baby, something I knew I'd finish before she is born :-) So I shelved the idea of booties. I did come across the plans for a hanky bonnet though! So I've added to the list of things to put on my next Handy Hands order. The list is growing, and my craft income has dwindled. I get a little spending money from watching a little boy an hour a day during the week, but his mom has been home from work all this week and last, so no tatting dollars yet. I do paid surveys online too but I haven't gotten one of those in weeks. Maybe I'll try a lemonade stand or something. I will need new thread to soften the blow if we end up buying the purple minivan from our church. It's probably a smart move, our oldest car is on it's last leg, and we'll need more room once we move another carseat in to my vehicle. But..................a minivan? I'm TOO YOUNG for a minivan! Let alone a PURPLE minivan.... here comes the stigma. I'm sure I'll never hear the end of it from my husband. I'll be doing my old lady crafting in my old lady minivan.........

No offense to old lady tatters in purple minivans intended.


TattingChic said...

Wow, that is tiny. The snowflake is very pretty.

Sharon said...

Cotton sewing thread is roughly the same size as size 80 tatting cotton. It isn't as strong, but what it lacks in strength it makes up for in colour choice and availability. Even WalMart carries cotton machine quilting thread and it lets you play around with colour combinations without having to pay an arm and a leg since a spool of thread usually costs less than tatting cotton and has more thread on it.