April 27, 2009

The challenge is official!

I've been tatting away all day (yeah!).

Hubby and I have put me on self-imposed bed rest for a few days.... I will be 37 weeks along on Wednesday this week, which is a reauirement to deliver at the birth center. I've been having a lot of braxton-hicks contaractions, especially when I'm on my feet, and I just barely made it to 38 weeks with my first. So, I'm sitting on my tooshie working on some of the TAT program projects.

After hearing so many comments from some who have yet to finish phase one, I posted the challenge on Intatters (the new incarnation of the etatters group) and several have joined in the fun and we are going to try to tackle phase one by the end of May. There are even a few who want to start the program and they are jumping in too! So. with that being said.....YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Dear readers of my blog who have their TAT notebooks hiding in the bookshelf! Go pull it out and dust it off and get to work! And check out the posting on Intatters to get some encouragement along the way :-)

Anyway, I'm going back to my tatting nest. After a bowl of Icecream of course.....


yarnplayer said...

Hope all goes well for you and family!

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I found my binder! Now, where did I put that thread?

Gina said...

Getting others to work on the TAT at the same time provides a lot of incentive to finish it. I got half-way through phase 2 and got sidetracked. Every so often someone mentions TAT and I remember that I still need to finish!

TattingChic said...

How fun that you are encouraging other tatters to join you.
Like Yarnplayer said, I hope everything goes well with you...and your pregnancy! :)

Ridgetatter said...

Well, I admire your tenacious spirit. I read over the requirements for the phases and decided NO WAY was I up to that level of proficiency ~ to even begin!
As the 'product' of a Mom who stayed in bed a number of months to deliver her 3 1/2 lb. full term, 16" long, red-headed, blue eyed girl..I appreciate your tucking in on behalf of baby.
BTW I lost my red hair, reached 5' 2" and prior to age 62 - weighed about 130 lbs. (we won't discuss weight at 72..but the Lord allowed me to reach that age..so no complaints from me).
I wish you happy tatting and reaching all your goals. Bev