May 15, 2009

Baby Birth Story.

Hi everyone! All is well here, I feel great and the family is adjusting so well.

Baby's name is Meirah Nicole (pronounced Meee-rah) It means Shining One.

If you are interested, I've done a post about the labor on our family blog.

Thank you all!


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Thank you for sharing Meirah's birth story! She's beautiful, and you all look very happy. Congratulations!

Ridgetatter said...

What a lovely name! I'm so happy for you...I wish I could come and sit in a rocker and hold Meirah! Love and kisses and hugs to you and Baby....X Grandma Bev

Carol Lawecki said...

Meirah Nicole... What a Beautiful name!!! Congratulations on your new little angel.