August 19, 2009

Tatting has a new home.

Too bad I don't have a new home! Lol! It's been a heartbreaking week. I had to mourn the home we were buying. One of the leinholders on the Short sale we had made an offer on decided to up the asking price by $27,000, 30 days after our initial offer. They are out of their minds....anyway, My tatting has a new home!
I don't know if you can read the fine print above, but this fabulous basket was originally sold as a diaper caddy. It has served it's purose as such, for the past three months or so. I kept wipes and dipes and nursing supplies in it, because our diaper table is in the room where DD1 sleeps and I didn't want to wake her at night. Lately however, I've not been using it as much so I decided to repurpose it into a tatting tote.

I really wanted something that I could just grab and know that I had all my supplies in. Previously I would have gone through tatting corner like a tornado deciding what to pack in my smaller sewing basket, and it all had to cram in there and was never organized. This way I have everything. You can see how it stays neat and tidy! there are little pockets around the outside that hold scissors and pliers, ruler, pens, hooks. etc, as well as the tin for needles and little doodads.

The big box I usually store seed beads in is now full of the larger contatiners, and I've put a supply of my most used colors into this wonderful box I found at Joann. It holds 30 tiny jars that you can remove one at a time.

This other side has room enough for several balls of thread, probably 7 or eight. I usually work on small projects, so it's nice to have a variety of colors available. The red pencil box holds all of my Etsy inventory, each piece in small baggies. It's nice to have them around to refer to, I should just print out cards with the pattern info though. That's on the someday list.
So, tatting corner is much more clean now. The big basket follows me around the house wherever I need. And I'll be able to take all my goodies to the Guild this weekend! Do you know how excited I am for this? First of all, it's four hours out of the house without kids. I love my kids, but mommy needs a little freedom every once in a while. I was going to a concert this week, but Steven Tyler of Aerosmith decided to fall of his stage poor fellow, and had to cancel part of the tour. Poo. So I hold fast to the knowledge and hope that I'll finally be able to meet some other tatters. Maybe I'll even treat myself to a latte on the way.


madziula said...

wow, what a beautiful order. Super!!

Vanessa. said...

This was a great idea of yours for people to share ideas about tatting space. I just LOVE the seed bead box.

sewmuchfun4 said...

That looks like a PERFECT bag for tatting! I have a 20 month-old and just having everything handy for ANY opportunity to sit down and tat would be great. I have an on-the-go bag for short outings, but nothing like that for IN the house...

The Guild meeting sounds VERY nice on MANY levels!
:) Ann

Ladytats said...

very organized Krystle, and easy to pick up out of the way of kids, have fun at the guild meeting.

shirley said...

Sorry about the house! Great tatting basket! Hope you enjoy that latte on the way to your tatting guild!