October 8, 2009

Christmas list.

I thought it might be apropriate, since tatting is one of the less commonly known arts, to post a small wish-list of items that would make apropriate gifts.....for me of course. :-) My dear husband has to deal with our anniversary, Christmas, and my birthday all within about 30 days. I like to drop him a hint just to help him out of course.

First up is this lovely handmade shuttle by Mr Cua, inlaid with golden mother of pearl. Absolutely scrumptious. I've recently held one similar to this, and it seems like it would be perfect to tat with. Available from Handy Hands.

Next up, handmade shuttles from David Reed Smith in the following woods- Pommele Sapele, Sycamore, or Walnut. The 2 inch size with wooden spike please.....and be sure to order early as they are custom made.

I'd also love to have one from The Shuttle Shop. Original style with point, in Tulipwood, with the lace engraving art design.
I'd also adore a copy of this book from Handy Hands.

This one as well, the only place I've seen it recently is at Zigzag corner's website.

Thread of course would make a superb stocking stuffer. My favorites are hand-dyed threads available on ETSY from Lady Shuttlemaker and Yarnplayer. Anything in a size 20.
And of course if this is all too confusing, a gift certificate from Handy Hands would always do :-)
(special note for hubby- I've linked all the pictures to make things easy, just click a photo to go right to the apropriate place. Aren't I the nicest wife?)


sewmuchfun4 said...

I may just link MY husband to the links you set up for YOUR husband because I would be TOTALLY happy with all of your choices - you are an AWESOME list maker and TERRIBLY considerate!
:) Ann

Ridgetatter said...

Well, I like a person who lets you know what she wants! None of that banging my head trying to figure out, "What to buy, what to buy. . ."
At least in the 31 days you did not choose 31 items. Could be worse. Is Ben's book in English? I have a couple of his patterns from his blog and found on line. Bracelets.
Have happy holidays and let us know how you made out with your 'loot list'. love, Bev

A Happy Bluebird said...

Very appropriate post! I might have to do the same for my hubby and kids - they wouldn't have a clue where to get those beautiful shuttles :)

Quiltification said...

I'd been looking at those David Reed shuttles - funnily enough in the same woods that you mention - as possible birthday gifts for myself. They are beautiful.
Hope your wishes come true :-)

❦TattingChic said...

Ha ha! That is great! I might do a list like this closer to Christmas, LOL!

Fox said...

Oh, Krystle, I love your inspired post! Great 'loot list'! Fox : )