October 3, 2009

Not meant to be?

Do you ever encounter a situation or goal that seems unwilling to come together the way you had hoped? Take this situation with myself and the Krazy Kat Fiberhaus. It is a semi-local shop, out of the way enough to warrant planning a visit while we were in the area. I contacted the owner and was informed that they carry a small supply of tatting shuttles and threads, in addition to their selection of embroidery threads. So, along with our trip to the childrens museum yesterday, we had planned a quick stop there so I could check them out. Well, the Google directions I had printed sent me to an old address, thus eating away all the time available for browsing. Bummer. So, I decided I would try again another day. However, after finding out that my evening meeting had been cancelled, I decided to take the girls out as I had to go to the post office to drop off an etsy order. I printed the proper directions and we were on our way. We found the place easily and checked out a few other shops while we were there. The Krazy Kat is a nicely stocked shop, admittedly they don't have much in the way of tatting......but no one does really. They do have more than Joann for sure. They even had a play area set up in the back for my darling two year old! So I frolicked among the racks of thread for about ten minutes untill I heard the call of the wild...."mama? Poo-poo!" So I asked for the restroom and took the toddler in to do her biz. Now, mind you, she calls everything poo-poo still. And she has been fully toilet trained all summer. We had never had an accident. (take not of the past tense of the previous sentence.....) Well, there in the potty room of the Krazy Kat Fiberhaus, my darling missed the toilet and pooed all over her undies and jeans. and the floor.
Mortified was I! The diaper bag of course was conveniently located in the car around the block. So we cleaned up, used almost a whole pack of the poor lady's baby wipes, made our small purchase and headed out to the car. I don't think I need to explain how the rest of the story went.
So you see, my calm trip to meander the thread selection was met with chaos at every turn. Just like my attempts at the Spinning Wheel pattern....don't ask me why I insist on doing it with the tiny threads lately. This is round two. I made it farther, this time with silk. I made the same mistake as last time, and I tried to retro-tat. I succeded in making a knot, getting frustrated, and cutting the whole thing off. Pppffft.
I think I need another dose of "sense of accomplishment", so I may lay this to rest and start something else for the time being.


sewmuchfun4 said...

Oh I'm sorry, I've been down that potty road and it ain't pretty! The funny thing is, with this last one I NEVER leave my diaper bag behind - but that is only because I keep my tatting in it!

I'm sorry the Spinning Wheel keeps hitting "bankrupt." I hope you find another project among your pattern stash that will get you back in the game!

:) Ann

Ridgetatter said...

You were extremely brave and optimistic on your journey! LOL When my youngest was just barely learning to read (about 2 1/2), she found a can of "pssst" dry wash hair cleaner at the store. She was about three feet away but she yelled, loudly, "Mamma! I want Pissed" I was mortified and everyone else thought it was sooooo cute! Another memory maker moment!
I haven't tried spinning wheel yet myself...I did however make a butterfly today; not that it is a big deal ~ except for some reason, I have an awful time tatting intricate butterflies. I liked this one because it had clovers in its tail and butterflies in its wings.
X Bev