October 21, 2009

Ode to Ladyshuttlemaker

Many of you out there in blogland are aware of the many talents of the lovely Ladyshuttlemaker. Well go check out her newest innovation, the coolest Hook pen I've ever seen! I must have one, I have a little hook but it gets lost in the big 'ole tatting basket too often. Anyway, I just think she is the coolest chick, and I wish we lived closer because I'm sure we'd make great friends. I really do look up to her, Lord knows what I'd do with my hubby gone for any amount of time. And she can lay hardwood flooring by herself! That's Girl power.
Pictured above you can see another christmas ornament that I finished this week. The pattern belongs to Ladyshuttlemaker.....It's her Chatelaine pattern. Turns out that in size 20 thread, 6 repeats connected around fits perfectly on a 3" styro ball :-)
And finally, do scroll down to the previous post to read about my giveaway. It's my way of spreading the love. Just like Ladyshuttlemaker has been doing giveaways each week. Have I mentioned that I want to be Ladyshuttlemaker when I grow up?


A Happy Bluebird said...

I agree with you about that Lady Shuttlemaker - a woman with so many talents is such an inspiration!

OK, and this ornament looks so much better than what I was trying to do! Thanks for your visit and for pointing me to this pattern - I've got it printed and ready to try. Haven't tried SCMRs yet. Might take me awhile . . .

Carol Lawecki said...

Hi Krystle, This tatted ball is adorable. The colors look great!!

Carla said...

Hi Krystle,
What a wonderful ball!