October 1, 2009

Theraputic sorting

Lately I've been feeling a bit out of sorts, so I thought maybe sorting out the ENORMOUS amount of patterns I've collected might in some way make me feel a little more sorted as well. And it actually worked that evening! Surrounded by piles of paper I felt at peace lol. Hi my name is Krystle and I have Pattern Aquisition Syndrome.
Off in the background of the picture, you might be able to see my littlest one sleeping in her pink chair. She is a happy little clam. However, she is a little clam who is going cold turkey off of the pacifier. Little princess has decided that she will NOT latch on to nurse unless the milk is already coming out. Those of you who have breastfed will understand why this can become problematic. So, to entice her to help me out with the situation, the binky has gone bye-bye. Needless to say the house has been a little less than quiet...... however, she is taking the whole thing better than I had anticipated. Such are the adventures of childrearing!


Ridgetatter said...

OH, the blinky stories that abound. LOL Poor Kristen, she loved her blanky so much! So, I slowly began to cut it up, this shrinking it until it was about 5" square. At that point she began to use it to sit under her cup (monkey see, monkey do). BUT when she grew up into a young woman a discovered what I had done ~ oh the ruckus! It was as though she was little again and "How could you. . . .?" I don't really know if she ever really forgave me the deception. This was back in the pre-pacifier days. In the summer, the girls when young happy clams, they liked a slightly frozen (clean) wash cloth to bite on during teething.
The Patterns. Well, I've organized mine repeatedly. First it was by topic (doileys, bookmarks, animals. . . ) Then because I had practically all of Jane E' and other designers; I began having 1 1/2" binders dedicated to designers. Then I had to make decisions. Right now, I pop them into archival sheets and put them in a very large 3 ring binder right away ~ and sort them to the right book later.
Pretty soon I'm going to need a tickle file. Mind you, some of these patterns will never get tatted by me! I haven't learned Cluny as yet; but I have a binder for cluny tatting with Mimi Dillman's instructions.
I even bought some plastic canvas to make a cluny frame... sign!
It's an unending addiction! Love, Bev

TattingChic said...

Good luck with the latching on-binky issue. Hope it all works out in the end.

I can understand how the sorting out would make you feel better! I feel so much better emotionally when my home is organized.

~TattingChic ♥

Fox said...

Funny you should write about P.A.S. today! I suffer from its debilitating effects as well - all my binders were bursting and I had to go to Staples this afternoon to get binder and some plastic sleeves. All is well now, with all the patterns snuggly in their little coats, fimly ensconsed in their new dwelling on the shelf.

Tatting requires great feats of organization or I find myself tied up in...hmmm,, knots...
Fox : ))

sewmuchfun4 said...

Yes, who needs a therapist when there is stash organization! Oh, and "Hello, my name is Ann and I am a bead addict." Because you know, I have made like TWO things with beads so apparently I need all the beads IN THE WORLD!!! (why is my pinkie raised to my mouth?)

:) Ann

TatForFun said...

I think sorting therapy is not going to work on me. Sorting makes me even stressful LOL. I'm might be one of the most un-organized person ^_^

And I want to thank you for your help on my blog. That helps a lot. Now all I have to do is to control my automatic move to add 1 DS after picot and beading :)