November 5, 2009

HDT in action.

Here are some of the recently dyed threads in action. On top is a pair of Marilee's Quadrille earrings. I must say that I like cebelia more when it's had a dye job. Something about the texture chainges.

Next is a little heart, in first-batch experimental color, this time it's lizbeth. The sheen on it is teriffic when dyed!

Sorry I don't have anything inspirational to say tonight. Just got home from "work" (Band rehearsal) and I had to play guitar with a 15lb baby strapped to my back. Little darling decided she needed mommie time right when rehearsal started :-), so I'm a little worn tonight.

I hope to let poor Dr. Von Threadmore out to play early next week. We've sold all but like 4 skiens of our good batch of thread, and there is only two or three of the seconds left as well. I have a plan for a holiday thread, so I hope to have that realized early enough for this season.



Babyquest said...

You have to make business cards so that I can hand them out at work. Your stuff is so cute!

Katie said...

Your HDT's tatted up beautifully! I love the top one! So, Doc needs to get busy, because I needs to try some of your HDT! LOL!

Well done!!

❦TattingChic said...

Oh, that colorway in the heart is fun! I am especially partial to that one for some reason. They look nice tatted up, both of them!

sewmuchfun4 said...

Wow!!! With results like those, I bet the good Dr. is stamping her little feet and chomping at the bit to make MORE! MORE!! MORE!!!

Both pieces are BEAUTIFUL, but I especially like the heart because that combination of colors has ALWAYS appealed to me! The thread looks VERY smooth!

:) Ann

Fox said...

Lovely! Yes, the Cebelia feels better when loaded up with dye!
Looks as if the dear Doctor is going to have to also utilize other parts of his very competent brain for calculations and bookkeeping of a burgeoning HDT industry!
Fox : )

mica said...

I also noticed that the texture changed after I dyed the thread. The heart is lovely.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Hi Krystle!

What a great job you're doing with the HDT's. I also love the colors in the heart, and also the heart design. Honestly, I can't imagine where you find the time or energy to accomplish everything you do, with two little ones! And playing the guitar yet! It's all quite amazing. I enjoy reading your blog and 'hearing' about all your adventures - and those of Dr. von Threadmore!