December 7, 2009

Houston, we have some bling.

I always thought that since I've never been involved in heavy drinking or drugs, I must not have an addictive personality type.
And then I met tatting. Lol!

After a weeks worth of scouring the local antique and thrift shops, I have yet to find more than a handful of material to harvest for more lacy rhinestone designs. So I succumbed to both Ebay and a sale at Joann to find some rhinestone chain to work with.
The first is a black rhinestone bracelet that I found for two bucks, the second is the last of the original vintage rhinestone necklace that got me started on this, and the third is some by the yard stuff from Joann.

Above is a small pair of earrings that I finished to pair with the necklace below (which finally got it's chain attached).

Most of the rhinestone jewelry available at the antique shops is too nice to cut apart, not to mention too expensive. I'd love to get some vintage necklaces in good shape to ad tatting to as they are, but not at thirty dollars a pop. So I'll just have to keep my eyes open for good deals on ebay-- Like the fuschia rhinestone chain you see in the scan below, I got ten feet (!) for like 8 bucks. It's new stock so it is missing that gorgeous vintage feeling that I adore though.

So now I leave you with a sentiment from Dr. VonThreadmore. We were discussing the need for storage containers for all of this rhinestone fun, when I mentioned that maybe I ordered too much rhinestone chain, to which she firmly replied

"there is no such thing as too much rhinestone darling!".

I think I agree :-)


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I think you're having too much fun!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

This is an excellent idea for enhancing old jewelry and a clever use of strands of rhinestones, etc. I applaud your imagination and skill in adding just the right amount of tatting. The necklace is especially ly eye-catching, and a perfect design. It's great that tatting and beads, gems, etc., are 'made for each other', and the idea of making jewelry will definitely help attract new tatters of all ages!

sewmuchfun4 said...

Wowzers! That is some GORGEOUS jewelry! I didn't quite have the vision on the necklace the other day, but seeing it completed - it's beautiful! The good doctor is SO wise! The love of rhinestones has been immortalized in music also - Rhinestones are Forever and Rhinestones are a Girl's Best Friend. :)

Good luck with your quest!

Jane Eborall said...

Personally I think you've got WAAAY too much rhinestone there and that you should send some to EVERYBODY in tat land!!!!!!!!!!!! That was a joke, by the way!!! Just in case you thought I was being serious for once in my life!!!

Katie said...

LOL! I love love love the necklace! Congrats on doing an outstanding job of marrying the rhinestones with tatting. Do I see PINK rhinestones???!!! Can't wait to see what you design with those!

Loverly - all of them.

Rayanna said...

So Beautiful. Very Nice. I would love to do one too. You are so inspirational.

Sally Kerson said...

The rhinestones with tatting are really lovely. Just reminds me of the song "Like a Rhinestone Cowboy" by Glen Campbell!! Is that why you can find so many in your part of the world? Must be!!

Carol Lawecki said...

Very creative!! Your rhinestone creations are fabulous!!! Kudos to you!!! Hope you sell lots!!

Sunela said...

Wow!! What creativity!!. The jewelry is gorgeous

Fox said...

Leave it to you to get even more creative! Now, a rhinestone kick! LOL! I love the show - always a surprise!
Fox : ))

Jesse said...

Definitely no such thing as too much! These pieces are gorgeous.