January 17, 2010

A message from Dr. Von Threadmore

Good evening everyone, this is Dr. Von Threadmore coming to you from the laboratory. As the picture above illustrates, my counterpart is otherwise engaged this evening. Dear Husband heard the tone in her voice and made a detour on his way home to pick up her, shall we say,.... medication.

I however, find myself completely unencumbered by emotionalism. And since I have been restrained from my work for so long, I jumped on the chance in anticipation of the forthcoming chocolate-induced coma.

Color. Pure, rich color. That is what the world is made of to me. I must bring magnificent color to the masses. It is my duty. My gift.

The tatted work is my muse.

The tatter, in this case the owner of this blog, is charged with the execution, but I am the true artist. I am not so easily cast about by a day's events.
I need no indulgence beyond the ingredients and result achieved in my laboratory.

Wonderful, delicious, color.


Isdihara said...

You have no idea what that photo has done to me...chocolate...CHOCOLATE! Holds out her therapy bowl -- make mine a double! :-)

sewmuchfun4 said...

Oh you are an EVIL one Dr. Von Threadmore! To take advantage of Krystal's stupor is inexcusable! But then again, I mean... who am I to judge? It IS for a noble cause - TATTING COLORIFICATION, and you HAVE been cruelly suppressed these last few months... eh, throw another scoop of ice cream in her bowl and have fun creating!!!

:) Ann

TypsTatting said...

Oh that looks absolutely Chocolucious!!!! give her some more. I'll have to go and find some as well.

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Do I detect the threat of a chocolate thread induced tatting coma?

Fox said...

Ah, evil to dye for.... What devilry shall manifest after cursed chocolate has its way with Krystle?

Most assuredly, we wait, our picots poised, to see what lurks behind the darkened vats of colour...

Thread lightly, Dr., as you shuttle to your dungeon deep, to unleash your gift, alone in the dark while Tat-land sleeps........