January 22, 2010

A special offer from Dr. Von Threadmore.

I suppose I should now tell you why poor Dr. V has been so distraught lately. She is fine now, but it took several days to resolve the issue. It all started after rinsing and drying the last batch of thread. We couldn't believe our eyes! There were white spots..... again. We had this problem
recently with a batch that never made it to the blog here, and the DR. was just beside herself.
Poor thing had to come to grips with herself and admit that she is indeed not perfect. Took a few days, and a few more batches of thread. Long story short, we were only having the problem with
one particular color of dye, and after depleting most of the supply of white Lizbeth, we had to
detour to Joann fabrics to buy some sacrificial Cebelia while we did some testing and tracked down the issue. Still not 100% positive on the cause, but we are taking precautions and our final batch was a success. We are pleased and will be listing a small amount on ETSY this weekend, but we are left with a large amount of what we are calling "oops" thread. Perfectly usable, but with some imperfections, white spots, etc. So, the Dr. is offering it to you (her "public" as she puts it) to enjoy and hopefully get some use out of it. SO, for $2 per 50 yd skein, plus one dollar shipping (no matter how many you want, just one dollar ships all) you can acquire some of the
thread that we dyed in the Dr's quest for perfection. Just send me an email... krystledawne at gmail dot com if you are interested in taking some of this off our hands and we can make arrangements via paypal
First up is Watermelon. I have 5 skeins of 20 Lizbeth

Next is fuchsia. I have two in size 80DMC cordonett

Pictured from top to bottom, (all are coordianting colors)

Rosebud LT. 30 cebelia, 2 available

Rosebud Dk, 30 cebelia 3 available

Gram's varigated, 30 cebelia, 4 available, also one skein of 40 Lizbeth in this color is available

Be Mine, 30 cebelia, 3 available. also one skein of 20 Lizbeth available

Darkest Chocolate- 30 cebelia, 3 available.

So, shoot me an email if you'd like to partake of our madness lol.


M said...

I know nothing at all about dyeing but is it possible to dye over the colour you've already done in order to colour the white spots? I was thinking about having a go at dying some of my own (not any time soon though) and am curious.

Krystle said...

Hi every one, thanks for all the interest. I will post what is left tomorrow after I've heard back from a few more folks.

M- The answer is yes and no. It can be done, I tried it with one batch and it didn't come out as well as I'd hope. I am learning to do it the right way the first time though.

It's easier and more encouraging to start over with new fresh thread :-) It takes 24 hours to cure, and any dye left over tends to change color and lose strength in that time, and I don't have precise enough measurements to ensure an exact color match. It's an involved and heartwrenching process sometimes, but I really enjoy it.