February 14, 2010


Well, we've had our keys to the new house for a week. I haven't even looked at a tatting shuttle in like two weeks. But lots is getting done at the new place. We had a painting party yesterday, and lots of friends dropped by to help out. In fact, I didn't really get much painting done myself because with that many people there, I ended up being more of a logistics person.....fetching the right bucket of paint or directing traffic or deciding which piece of trim to paint. And of course there are always the two little ones that need feeding and entertaining. Anyway, the paint is almost complete, then we get to tear up the plastic and clean the carpets. The big problem I'm having is that the weather has been so wet around here, I am having trouble getting moisture out of the house to get the paint dry, and I'm afraid it will take all week to get the carpets to dry once they are shampooed. It may delay us moving in....I had planned on getting most things moved on monday because hubby is off from work for the holiday, but we might have to wait until saturday instead.

Anyway, there is my quick report! I'm missing my shuttles and my little tatting corner........hopefully we will be all settled in soon.


tattips said...

It must be lovely moving into your new home, I hope things settle down as you want them to.

The Chung Family said...

I'm sure you're still missing your shuttles and thread! Just wanted to encourage you in your moving! Things will eventually settle back down...well not really...but it is always a dream! :) Hope your moving and painting and shampooing and everything else is going well!

Jesse said...

Sounds like a great party! And such a good idea; 5 years later and there are still parts of my house that haven't been painted. Hope you get settled in soon.