April 27, 2010


I love inventing new phrases, coining new terms, etc. Here is my newest contribution to tatting lingo-
What does it mean you ask? Well? I'm not sure yet... And I can't claim full credit for it's invention either. This word came into being from the "captcha" while I was commentingon Jane's blog this morning, and I was so befuzzled and excited to see a word with "tat" in it! So, I think we must claim it as our own. Perhaps I will post a poll so we can determing the meaning of this new term! We could start saying things like, "My, that Doily is quite gotatsic." or "Gotatsicly speaking, I prefer size 20 thread." The possibilities are endless!
Maybe gotatsic could describe something about the picture you see below.

This is the result of my entering into the speed tatting contest at Shuttlebirds. The pattern is for a little turtle that turned out to be a bear to tat at speed. The ring for the body is so large and hard to close, I think we went for ten minutes to see who could do the most. Jessica Spaulding won with 6+ turtles completed. I tied for second with 4+. We all implored them to choose a pattern with smaller rings for next years contest......and I informed Jessica that she had better watch out next year because it's on like donkey kong.....
Anyway, that was a rather gotatsic event. or, maybe the result is gotatsic. Or, maybe gotatsic is the new name for feeling the need to finish a WIP (work in progress) or to design something new.....or maybe we feel gotatsic when we are doing something else and we'd much rather be tatting!
Anyway, I'll have a poll up shortly, so give me your input on this most auspicious occasion of new word invention!


Crazy Mom Tats! said...

This is your phrase - so I must not use it. It is now copyrighted forever and ever.

I must burn Gotatsic from my brain, least you accuse me of stealing your idea.

Krystle said...

Lol..... I'm pretty sure you are being sarcastic, but I do mean it for the good and enjoyment of all tattingkind.

Have a gotatsic day!

Tatskool said...

That was a gotatsic or maybe gotatstic post.
Maybe we could have an online speed contest...if we all used the same materials ie size of thread and design. Wouldn't that be fun.

Isdihara said...

Love it (to infinity)! A sure sign of the vitality of any endeavor is the life it breathes into and through language.

Can't wait to use this spontaneously in a post. (It will be hard, since I already want to type it almost every third word. LOL)

Bonnie said...

I love this new word "Gotatsic"!! I wish I'd have been there to watch you in the speed tatting event. It sounds like alot of fun.