April 6, 2010

New laptop and Intatters pendant exchange

Look! It's a picture of tatting!
Lately those have become an endangered species on my blog huh! I still tat here and there but other priorities have come up and I'm doing what I can to keep myself inspired and creating.
This tatting is form Coretta L. on the Intatters Exchange group, it's her own design! a fluttering butterfly pendant, two layers together somehow. absolutely charming! I sent off a pendant awhile back and I hope she enjoys it as much as I enjoy this one.
The other exciting news is that our tax return enabled dear hubby and I to purchase new laptops for each of us, as well as a router so we can be wireless in the house. Both of us work for our church in leadership and we were always competing for computer time so this solves that problem. I've spent a few days configuing everything on the router properly, but all seems well now.
A Special thank you goes out to those that have stepped out to "sponsor" my trip to Shuttlebirds by purchasing things from my etsy shop. The free shipping offer still stands, just mention Shuttlebirds or bust in your order notes before Apr.14 when I put the shop on vacation mode while I'm gone.
Ciao all!


Tatfully Yours said...

You are very lucky to receive that lovely butterfly! And I'm glad to see you back to tatting and blogging. Missed you.

Fox said...

Have a blast, you lucky duck and say a big 'Hi,' from me to Tat-land!
♥Fox : )