April 15, 2010

She is in the pokey.

The shuttlebirds event hasn't even started and she is already making headlines folks.
I tried to tell her that she should stay home, and that there would be no dye available for her there in Spokane, but the Dr. insisted on tagging along....for inspiration she said. "But Sherry (Ladyshuttlemaker) will be there and I must observe her fine work in person! You cannot deny me the privilege of communing with such an artist! I simply will not remain behind!". To short circuit the forthcoming tantrum I shook my head and allowed her passage.
Accompanying us on the journey were Gram Maureen and Barbara, and since they had already driven a ways to pick us up, I opted to do most of the driving. Everything was fine and dandy, and we stopped for lunch and a rest here and there. Dr Von was growing a little impatient however, and after a stop for gas she volunteered to take the wheel for a time. After initial apprehension, she convinced me to take a break and enjoy the scenery through central Washington for a few miles. What could go wrong right? So I handed over the keys and started taking in the sights. Not long after we headed out though, a road-tripper's bad dream surfaced behind us in the form of a State Patrol officer. What could have gone wrong? Surely Dr. Von was responsibly observing the rules of the road, and there must be some sort of misunderstanding.
After the dust had settled and the officer had left us, Dr. Vonthreadmore quietly climbed out of the drivers seat, and handed me a white piece of paper
She apparently had been going a fair bit faster than she should have in her zeal to connect with the Who's Who of Hand Dyed Thread, and was now the proud owner of a $144 speeding ticket.
Or so I thought.
Upon closer inspection, I saw My name on that ticket!!!! Dr. Von Threadmore had given MY drivers license to the officer!!!
Can you believe it?

Well, needless to say, Dr. Von is in deep trouble. She has marred my perfectly clean driving record, and will not be allowed to attend tomorrows festivities. She has also been put on restriction from any sort of dyeing activities until she has worked off the debt now owed to the fine folks of Lincoln County WA. So, if you are sympathetic to the plight of our fair Dr, she has set up a fund to cover her "bail" and donations are being accepted so she may regain her freedom once more.


Sally Kerson said...

So sorry to hear about the speeding ticket, but I hope that it doesn't spoil your enjoyment of "Shuttlebirds". Just completed the finishing touches on your shuttles!!

Bonnie said...

Please tell me you did let Dr. V attend Shuttlebirds ....

Sorry that happened, but I hope it didn't negatively effect your enjoyment of the weekend, because I can't wait to hear EVERYTHING.

Fox said...


What happens at Thanksgiving when she decides she would love more than anything to carve the turkey....

Macabre Fox : )