July 27, 2010

The bride's necklace in black

Had enough of these yet lol? Snarky self portraits for my etsy listings. I promise, I'll save the rest for etsy.

Anyway, this is the bridal necklace in black. I found the most wonderful Matte black beads. Darn thing takes three days to make, 26 ends to hide Yech! It is priced accordingly, and I suspect if it gets purchased it will be for a special occasion of some sort. Either way it's another notch on my way to having 100 items listed.

New fun things are going into the shop this week, I got some shoe clip findings, so black flower shoeclips are listed, and I got some ring bases to make 3-d flower rings. I'm trying for a very broad base of products, so you can bet that if tatting can be attached to it, I'll be doing it! :-) Hopefully some of my ideas will be original and unique.

You won't hear from me tomorrow(unless it's before I leave), but I will be going down to Portland for the day to the IOLI convention. Sandy from the guild is taking me along for the ride and we will be taking a class on clunies from Mimi Dillman. I will of course take copious amounts of photographs, and plaster them all here on the blog..............oh, and speaking of tatting conventions, guess who is going to Palmetto????? NOT ME!!! (pout, sniffle). Can't afford the plane ride, (it's too far to walk...) and hubby is out of vacation time anyways. But my Mama will be there! SO all you tatters better giver her a nice welcome for me, and tell her how you know me. Her name is Karrieann, and she resides in Toccoa.


God's Kid said...

I love that necklace! And even in black if I had the money right now I would buy it!

Krystle said...

awww, you are a peach! I love it too. such a special story behind the design! I'll always remember the bride in estonia...the wedding was this past weekend, so I hope to see some pictures soon!

connie said...

Your pictures are adorable and I am disappointed I won't get to meet you at Palmettos's. Have a great time with Mimi.

Mrs. Miles said...

LOVE your new blog look - its fresh and refreshing.

I've been reading back, back, back to see all I've missed - and it seems I've missed a LOT. Each item you've created is amazing and beautiful. Oh how you make me long to learn to dye etc!

I hope your husband is ok, I did not read back to know what exactly was the problem.

I especially am taken with the yellow necklace with crystals and then your Vineyard at Dusk thread. Such beautiful shades.

thx for sharing your lovely photos and tatted items - all candy to the eye.

♥ Barb

Corina said...

It's beautiful in black!

Tatskool said...

Stunning....so are you.