August 16, 2010

and the fun just don't stop!

I can see how one might go overboard with the hotfix crystals, (especially since I ordered several hudred in mixed colors.....hey, I got a good deal!)

I however solemnly swear to be tasteful in my use of "bling".

I have been making jewelry for many years, so my eye leans as much toward jewelry design as it does toward lace design. Also, ETSY has lately become more saturated with tatted jewelry makers. Much of the other lace jewlery available there is very traditionally based or victorian, and I try to maintain my more modern or contemporary asthetic generally. Bright colors and the use of different medium within the tatting keeps my work original and unique I hope.


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Very pretty earrings with just the right amount of bling!

God's Kid said...

Love the blue! :)

yarnplayer said...

Definitely original - you make great stuff!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

As far as I'm concerned, there's no need to apologize for using glue (hotfix) to add bling to your tatting!

I've been using different glues on my tatting for years and have never 'worried' about it! I've added many half-pearls and rhinestones to good effect on my Victorian tatted items (not to mention silk flowers and ribbons, thanks to the glue gun!) and my recent pendants make good use of one-piece self-stick adhesive 'bling' (scrapbook products) which add sparkle with tiny items which would be difficult to use glue on.

You are not really 'hiding' the tatting, and are very much enhancing it! I just bought some very sparkly rhinestones which are 'hotflix', so I'm anxious to try them out!

Today it's all about the 'bling'! Tatting and bling are great together!

Weronika said...

I adore your hotfix crystals idea!
Also I link your blog at my post - see it!