August 3, 2010

If it makes you happy...

It's green, it's orange, it's loud,

And I think I love it.

Tatting corner has a new resident project box. Lately I had been using the most fabulous scrapbooking tote---it held books, all my beads, mounds of thread etc. It was amazing and perfect. Until I realized that the small child pictured in the previous post could now reach the contents of the open top tote I had grown so fond of.


So I spent weeks formulating and window shopping and couldn't find anything that would do the job to my satisfaction until lo and behold, Walmart to the rescue! I found this psychadelic sewing box in their craft section and it just called my name. There was a more sensibly patterened brown and blue number sitting there as well, but something about this bright box makes me happy, and, after all, tatting corner is my happy place.

It actually coordinates perfectly with my soft blankie that was another happy place purchase. It must be destiny.


And thanks to my snarky commenters for the days worth of entertainment, here is the contact info for the tatting shuttle sock vendor

You'll probably need to email her for a picture of the available colors, there are a few other tatting design socks, as well as some bobbin lace socks if that is your thing. $8 a pair is what they were going for at the conference. They don't have an online store, but they do mail order.


Ridgewoman said...

as one of your 'snarky' friends, I've contacted the purveyor of the socks, thinking they'd be a nice addition to tatting gifts and exchanges…hummmmmm
I LOVE sharing. Still wearing the ear rings you sent me…I even have a top and skirt that match the colors.
I'm not much of an orange person, put love tangerine as a color ~ and I still like the psychedelic pattern even if it was my daughter's era, and not mine…lOL
Happy Tatting with your neat new addition.

xx bj

*♥* Heather *♥* said...

I love my box like that and its EXACTLY like that I have the same one you will enjoy it mine is my best friend on road trips and my outings :)

Lelia said...

I pick the brightest colors for 'storage' too --- seems to cheer up the entire room : )

My art bins are bright yellow and pink. It makes me happy to pull them out ...

good find!

Fox said...

...snarky? whatsa snarky? Heh, heh!
♥ Fox, who says today,
'Nice box.' : )

BSOTF said...

I'm so glad you got both a light happy color box to hold your stuff in & a warm blanket that matches well too.

Mrs. Miles said...

I think its fun and lovely! I once used a diaper bag for my camera bag - well you see my camera was a full size dslr so it was not like I was carrying a pocket size one. I've graduated to just a BIG ole purse, one thats bulky but actually attractive too.

Its HARD to pick "just a certain number" of things of tatting supplies when travelling! I think I packed enough supplies I could have tatted a year, never mind the three weeks we were on the road for vacation.

You're too sweet and funny, Krystle.