September 29, 2010


My new business cards have arrived, and let me say, is the way to go. For about $40 I got 1000 doublesided glossy full color business cards, plus 500 of my care and keeping cards, and that includes shipping! You don't have to be a graphics whiz either. they have an in browser designer for the cards, drag and drop, totally easy.
And happy am I to receive such a wonderful response to my giveaway, and I have decided that it is just much simpler to not post any of the comments at all.....easier to keep track of. Anyway, there have been 56 entries as of yet, (no Mom, family is not disqualified). although, some of you are not leaving your email addresses! This is your warning, if I you don't leave your email addy, and it's not easily found on your blogger profile, I'll draw another name! I'm not kidding! I don't want to hunt you down. I don't have the patience for that. Just leave me your email address, or no soup, I mean thread for you. One Year.
Oh, and international entries are most welcome.


God's Kid said...

Your cards look great! :)

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I like your cards! My goodness, you've come so far in such a short time... at least it seems like a short time to me. I wish you the best with all your jewelry!

Imoshen said...

I just had to say that your cards look awesome!

Sally Kerson said...

Very attractive cards, they certainly catch the eye, good to see your photo on them too! Lots of luck with this venture.

Bonnie said...

Love your cards!

You have so many great works of art, I bet it was hard to pick out which ones to put on your card.

John said...

great cards!
and about your mother 'potentially' winning the thread... She'll have to share next year at tat days....I'll be her best friend... EVER.

Mrs. Miles said...

Your cards are fabulous Krystle - very VERY tasteful, bright and fun. Its EXCITING watching your business grow.

My fingers will fall off if I go to your NEXT blog post which I READ but I will comment on here - the pins are all amazing. Your work is spectacular and should you teach at the next tatters convention in Spokane, consider me signed up!

GotPrint said...

Thank you for recommending our site! We love your cards, they came out beautifully.