October 2, 2010

ehem..."business" expenses

Well, at least that's what I told Dr. Vonthreadmore as we opened our box from Handy Hands this week. We had ordered a cone of Lizbeth 40 in white for the Dr, and her eyebrow raised slightly at the sight of these...
"Really." she said. "did you really need more shu....." I chimed in with an emphatic YES before she could finish.

"And what about all this?" She frowned upon having found a ball of Lizbeth Autumn Spice in size 10, and another one in 20.

"Isn't my thread good enough for you anymore?" She almost couldn't look at me, she was so disgusted. "I had a coupon" I replied. She just rolled her eyes and walked away. Good thing she hadn't seen the three or four other colors of lizbeth I had ordered hiding under the packing peanuts. Anyway, I found the new autumn spice so enticing that I stayed up way too late last night making some earrings and hairclips, even a ring.

After watching her sulk around all day, I had to lift her spirits and prove to her that her threads were indeed valuable to me. So I made myself a pair of earrings. "After all" I said, "They have yet to make Lizbeth in a decent Teal. You know how much I love teal." I caught her peering over my shoulder a few times while I made these for myself. "You should make a pair for the shop too while you are at it. The people must have opportunity to experience the magnificent color that I have created as well. You shouldn't keep it all for yourself. Art like mine should be accessible to the masses and I......" Her voice trailed off in some mumbling paragraph about the value of her work and her impact on the world or something like that.

She is eccentric, I'll admit. Without her however, I would not have the "perfect teal". That to me is worth the occasional bout of nonsense.
(for those of you not familliar with my alter-ego, the illustrious and industrious Dr. Von threadmore, you can read more about our history together here)


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Aren't the pastel shuttles beautiful? I ordered mine directly from Japan... quite an expensive deal, but I don't mind... except that I could have ordered several skeins of Dr. V's HDT for the cost of the shipping!

God's Kid said...

Love to see all the new tatting! And the different colors! :)

Miranda said...

Tell Dr. Von T that variety is the spice of life. There are Lizbeth colorways that you can't get in HDT, just like all the HDT makers come up with colorways that you'll never see in a commercial thread. We need all the thread dyers we can get! And that teal is truly gorgeous.

And you can never have too many shuttles, either. :)

erin said...

Don't you loooove Autumn Spice? Very pretty projects and a very pretty teal, too!