November 1, 2010


The snowflakes are here!

Now I know that snowflake jewelry won't be all that amazing to a bunch of tatters,

But I am definitely hoping to catch the eye of some etsy shoppers this season :-)

I started designing jewelry years before I ever learned how to tat, so my goal is to make wearable and updated pieces that appeal to today's fashionista.

Yes, these snowflakes are rather uncomplicated, but I took over three weeks and heaps of prototypes to get them to fit perfectly in the hoops, as well as be easy enough to make (I started with such a complicated desing that took an unreasonable amount of time for what I like to charge for earrings..... lol) that I will be able to fill orders in ample time as well as keep them affordable.
So there you have it, I also will be working on some pointssetta earrings....probably my Five Star design in red and white. Right now I have a date with my Cricut machine to make some earring cards for this weeks craft show!


Anonymous said...

These are lovely!! I hope some day you will write a pattern book for your lovely jewelry :) I love snowflakes. Yours are just so pretty!

God's Kid said...

Those are soooooo gorgeous!!! If I wore earrings I would have to get a pair!
I hope they sell well. :)

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Your snowflake jewelry looks fabulous! I hope you sell lots of goodies!

Carol Lawecki said...

The snowflake jewelry is lovely!! Good luck with your sales!

Isdihara said...

You have another sure-fire "glam slam" with the snowflake jewelry! They look FAB.

Mrs. Miles said...


do you do your own photography Krystle? I think the first photo should go on your blog header now - it's SO pretty and almost festive!

Hope you make a ton of sales.

~ Barb

Miranda said...

The design process is never as easy as it looks, is it? These snowflakes are beautiful, perfectly proportioned, with perfect negative space. With earring-sized snowflakes, you don't want anything too complicated (even if time weren't a factor); I think this design works very well.

Tattin' Kat said...

Beautiful!! I hope they sell well. You make me want to get all bundled up for the snow.

tatterjil said...

Beautiful, as always.