January 17, 2011

Even more of the same!

I'm not tired of makng these yet, which is good I suppose in light of the upcoming farmers market season :-) I like making these earrings so much that I went and got some nicer swarovski hotfix crystals in several colors. Big grin.
In other news, I've started working to lose the last few lbs. of "baby weight". Truth being told, I lost all the weight while nursing the baby, but after she quit I gained back a few..... so really it's just a turn to swing the scale back in the other direction before it gets out of control. That being said, the first few days are the hardest while I've been a tad cranky from depriving myself from my usual indulgences. Poor hubby, he's handling me with grace and kindness. bless him.
The big news in tatting around here is that the registration for the Shuttlebirds Workshop is open! I am teaching two different projects, and I will do a proper update soon with pictures and such, until then you can visit http://www.shuttlebirds.com.
just click on Workshop.


LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Uh huh I knew it! I knew you would be the next rockstar at Shuttlebirds.
Good on ya girl!

Karrieann said...

WhooooHoooooooo I am going to the Shuttlebirds too!!! YAY!!!!!!!! You know our friends will want lots of pictures!

Imoshen said...

That's the Celtic Cross pattern from Ruth Perry. This is her blogger http://rozellalinden.blogspot.com/
it's one of her free patterns.