March 28, 2011

The line that blurs.

The latest pieces I've added to the shop! I have to say that the line has definitely gotten blurry between tatting and jewelry design.... I made jewelry for myself as a teen, so it's kind of nice to make use of those skills and techniques. It's remarkable really, how so many of my interests have all come together at this point in my life.....

My interest in photography has definitely been useful, all sorts of craft supplies are once again being used.....(I've got beads and tools from many years ago), even my Cricut machine gets used. I haven't done any scrapbooking with it lately, but I do make hang cards for my earrings with it! All this is to say how wonderful it is that I can see how God is able to use my scatterbrained interests over the years to support my family at this point.


Karrieann said... you're catching on! All those talents work together!

...two weeks till I see those beautiful tattings of yours in person!

...Then Tat Days, your classes! I am excited to be beyond proud of you! (I already am!)

Ridgewoman said...

I have always believed, according to Scripture that there is nothing in life that we learn to do that will go wasted. He gives it to us for our good and His Glory.
xx bj

Anika said...

Those are great! There really aren't enough modern tatted pieces out there, but you seem to have mastered that. (:

Tattin' Kat said...

Love these.

Glad that all your talents are coming together. Isn't it neat to see how HE works.

Wish that I could come to your classes :(

Isdihara said...

Keep going with these mixed media jewelry pieces. They are really beautiful!