June 5, 2011

Quick update

For those interested in the continuing Farmers Market Saga, I am pleased to tell you that the fair maiden tatting princess, upon her return to the market has pulled the veritable sword from the stone with two VERY successful weekends. The tent was further secured, the weather held, and I am breathing a little easier over the whole experience. My big fear was that I would have invested a bunch of time and money into the venture and not sell enough for it to be worthwhile. All I can say now is that fear is completely gone, however it has quickly been replaced by the realization of how much work it is going to take to keep up! I come home just thrashed from the physical work of doing all the set up and teardown of everything myself.... but hubby is really excited about the sense of teamwork we are developing as he stays with the girls and keeps the house together for me on market days. He even fixed dinner yesterday after I was home, and he let me nap while he took the kids outside to play, and he bathed them too! woo!

The above picture is a new necklace design that has done well for me at the market. I have a few listed in the shop, and hope to get a few more listed this week in between mass producing earrings and such for this coming weekend. If you don't hear from me, it's because I'm tatting lol! I have my twitter updates in the left column, sometimes it is easier to just drop a sentence in there on how things are going....so you can keep up with my day to day a little more closely that way.

Be Blessed my friends!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I'm so happy you're doing well with your markets! I hope you have continued good fortune!

Karrieann said...

...I am happy for you my dear Princess.

...WAIT! Where did this personality come from?

...we have Krystledawne, then there's Dr. VonThreadmore...and now this Princess?

...I am wondering if this should be a concern.

...nahhhh since I have been dubbed the Fairy Godmother!

I pray for more success for the dear Maiden Princess!

Love You Hunny!

JB said...

I too wish you much success in your markets. Your latest necklace is very pretty.

umintsuru said...

Things are looking up. I'm so glad. Hope you get even more sales and you are blessed with such an understanding DH.

MimiD said...

Congratulations Krystal, continued success! The new necklace is a very attractive mix of beads and tatting. Very suitable for a Princess.

Miranda said...

Woo-hoo for happy endings!

Mrs. Miles said...

LOL - blogger ate my comment methinks and it was SUCH a good one too!

I basically said that I'm glad you stuck it out, that your handsome prince can COOK and CLEAN and CHILD-MIND (the 3 C's?) haha!

I can see why your neckace sold, its like you, unique and pretty.

Thanks for sharing, Krystle, you always make my day brighter.

~ Barb

Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Krystle

Just came to say hi - my heart is burdened for you today. Not sure why but am obedient to lift u in prayer. May the Lord have his loving arms hugging u!

Love, Barb