September 10, 2011

The tatter from Gloucester

We recently had a surprise visit at the lace guild. Linda, from Gloucester, dropped in with all sorts of beautiful tatted goodies to show off! She even brought along a project to share.... beautiful ornaments made with edgings and cereal box cardboard and fabric. I've saved the supplies so I can make a tatted ornament for the christmas tree this year :-) Several ladies from the guild are in this picture that Linda just sent me. Linda is on the far left, and the Shuttlebirds attendees reading this may recognize two of the younger teachers (Sarah N, and Jessica S) in the back row center.
This visit from Linda was a surprise for me, otherwise I would have had my camera to take pictures of more of the beautiful things she had made.

Sunday should bring another tatting meetup for me, a tatter from Australia who has purchased thread from me is in Seattle this weekend, and I plan on heading up there tomorrow to visit with her.


Gina said...

Don't we meet the greatest people through tatting?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to come to Seattle and see me. I've shown Stuart my ring and he adores it. I'll send you a photo of my finished bracelet.

Keep making your dreams.