January 17, 2012

Holy Snowbuckets Batman!, or..... For the love of Synthropol.

I couldn't bring myself to tell her that she had to be outside to catch snowflakes on her tongue!

Greetings! We are preparing for this snowstorm of epic proportions that the weather service is convinced we are going to get beaten with. Hubby's school district called school for tomorrow already, and they are notorious for waiting 'till the last minute. Will it be record breaking snowfall? I don't know. Will we build a record breaking snowman?!?!?? You can count on it :-)

I don't know why, but it's taken me weeks longer than I'd planned to really get into thread mode. I would off 70 skeins over New years, but only this week did I finally get it dyed. It's a full batch of Wisteria Lane, and should be ready and listed in the shop by this weekend. If you'd like to call dibs on any, (I know there have been a few patiently waiting!) feel free to shoot me an email and I can get a paypal invoice out to you. krystledawne at gmail dot com :-) It's currently drying in the kitchen, so I expect pictures to be ready tomorrow or the next day.

a rare glimpse of the Dr. in her natural habitat.....

The delay in getting the Dr's laboratory operational again was made slightly more tolerable to her by my current drug of choice....

Noro Yarn! (I stayed up on new years for the late night half price yarn sale online....yep, that's how I roll.) I suspect these skeins of wool were what really got me ready to delve into dye again. The colors are simply scrumptious! Dr V. would sit in front of me, just mesmerized by the changing stripes in this scarf I'm making. Yarn seems to call to me this time of year, but more so this year that many past. I could've sworn I hated knitting, and I still don't know what brought me to ask for a set of interchangeable knitting needles..... as a combined gift for Christmas AND my birthday. But, alas, I've finished a pair of two-at-a-time magic loop socks, hats for myself and the girls, a mini shawl, and several other projects you can view on ravelry if you are so inclined. (username krystledawne of course). There are a few crossover tatters that I've run into over there, if you are one of them, please do "friend" me!

Anywho, I'm off to finish rinsing the tail end of that batch of thread. Apparently my bottle of synthropol (rinse aid soap) was disposed of after it got knocked over in the garage this summer. And of course I didn't find out until I couldn't find it....after the batch was set aside to cure. So, I've been meticulously rinsing (....all.....afternoon....long......) to make sure that the thread is still up to the Dr's exacting standards. The next batches to hit the dye will of course be the winners from the Globetrotter giveaway contest! Now that I know I'm out of synthropol, and low on other dye ingredients, I'll need to place a supply order in the interim. One of the two batches will be relatively easy to do, but the other will take some careful thought and testing. That should be fun, and instructive.

Until next time!


** jess! ** said...

wow, 70 skeins is extremely impressive! Your little girl is too cute! How old is she? My Livi has been wanting some snow down here in Memphis.

wickedtats said...

ooo exciting!

Marilee Rockley said...

Love the photo of the neat and organized "Dr." at work! I hope your tidiness will inspire me to clean my kitchen, LOL :)
70 skeins is a really big batch, wow! May you be blessed with many sales.