August 17, 2012

In summary........

Just a succinct post to let you all know that I am still alive and tatting :-)

This picture actually sums up the life of a production tatter. I am doing quite well at the Farmers market this summer, which in turn generates quite the display of sewn in and trimmed ends. This pile is from just the past three days.



Fox said...

Whew! Thought you and the Good Doctor had gone AWOL!
Fox : ))

Elizabeth said...

That's funny I have a pile just like that sitting next to me as well! :-)

Elizabeth said...
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Beelizabeth said...

I'm glad to see you're still out there. I hope your sales are at the level you need them to be. I'm also hoping the good Dr. will soon be allowed back in the dying lab!

Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Krystle,

So glad you're keeping busy and all is well and I pray for you at the farmer's market. Always enjoy seeing your lovely things!


Ivana said...

Tattle on !!
Šminkanje u Osijeku

Mrs. Miles said...

Where oh Where is your lovely little self, Krystle? I think about you often!

Joy to You,