February 2, 2009

So that's why!

Another learning experiment! I recently learned how to do an sssr, and I really hate winding two shuttles, so I was trying out a celtic bookmark (at 11:30pm....you think I'd have learned that lesson!). Come to find out, you can't join a sssr.....the loop has no way around the ring! I hope I'm not the first to figure that out the hard way. :-) I did however use cheap thread, and I didnt' try the whole pattern at first, just a few rings to work out the kinks. So I am learning. I guess I'll have to wind two shuttles. I haven't figured out how much thread my shuttles will hold yet, so I shall have to at some point measure that out for CTM.

NO I'm not counting this toward the 25 motif challenge....... Only the successes!

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