February 2, 2009

Too many posts today! (good thing the laundry is done too!)

The final blog entry today, I promise! :-)

This is number 7 for the challenge, By Birgit phelps, it's called Kira's star and is found here-http://www.geocities.com/birgit_ph/
I added the picots to the center chains and made larger ones on the points. It's pretty :-) I do wish I had thought about doing the center chains all right side for looks, and I wound a full shuttle for the outer round that is completely chains, But I like. I should go to bed now, I heard that Denny's is giving away free grand slams tomorrow, so I may drag the family out of bed for breakfast. But I think we all know by now that I'll be tatting till I can tat no more.....

1 comment:

TattingChic said...

Your Kira's star is beautiful! The color is vvery nice as well as your nice, even stitches.