February 16, 2009

Vintage Square, number 15

I'm getting ready for today's online tatting class, so I had to finish this and empty my shuttles! It's a motif from a vintage tatting book. I don't remember which one, if you really want to know I can figure it out though no problem. Just too lazy right now.
It's worked in two rounds, the outer part first and then the inner bit to join the overlapping chains. I had to take some time with the pattern, the copy is so old some of the numbers are hard to read so I wrote it out to be easier to understand and was pretty happy with the result.

Anyway, I'm off to class!

UPDATE: the motif is from the book -LaCroix, Sophie T. Old and New Designs in Tatting, Book No. 11. and can be found by following the link on the right side of this blog to the Antique Pattern Library. Click on "catalog" and you will see it alphabetically under LaCroix.


TattingChic said...

What a pretty motif. I am not able to log on to the online tatting class. I think that when it changed sites after changing servers something is messed up, LOL! I don't know.
Anyway have fun at the online tatting class. :)

Gina said...

If you can, please let me know what publication you used. I sort of vaguely remember trying something like this but it did not turn out nearly as lovely!