March 17, 2009

Finished the challenge!

I'm done with my 25 motif challenge!
For those not familliar, the 25 motif challenge is just a way for tatters to stay motivated I guess, and the goal is to tat 25 different things in a year. There is a blog dedicated to those participating, I'm too lazy to make a link right now but I'm sure you can find it on the right side of my blog somewhere as they update it regularly with everyone's efforts. The fun part has really been seeing the different things people have done, and I've found several patterns I like in the process. Now, it's not a competition (except with yourself I suppose) and I'm actually surprised I finished in two months. I've been tatting like gangbusters knowing that very soon, in about eight weeks in fact, I'll run completely out of personal time (new moms know what I mean!). It's kind of my unwinding time at night, after Ivria goes to bed and before Jim gets home from work. Nobody needs me at that point of the night.
I plan on keeping updated with the challenge blog just to see what everyone is up to, and maybe I'll start myself a second round of the challenge. We shall see what the next few pre-newbaby months bring.
P.S. It was late last night when I posted this and I realized I left some information out! The bookmark pattern is from Jane's Blog, she has a friend named Jane who modified the pattern from a Burda book I believe. I made it to fit inside that plastic ruler that I got from Lacy Susan, I'ts so cute and it fits in my little tattingbag just perfect! Tatted in Lizbeth countryside.


TattingChic said...

Lovely bookmark! Congratulations on finishing the 25 Motif Challenge. I just finished the challenge, too! :)

Gina said...

Congratulations! You got that done very quickly - great!

Ridgetatter said...

I love the 25-challenge. Usually I choose to do pieces that cause me to learn a new technique. So they aren't always just like I may want them to be; but I've learned something new. Like Pearl tatting or encapsulation, split rings (things I've learned in the past two challenges). I haven't decided what to concentrate upon next. But I'm interested in mingonette tatting and would like to try that. Your bookmark is lovely. Bev