March 23, 2009

Hanky Panky!

Well, I got over the scalloped edge hanky intimidation, however, I will be getting a straight edge hanky next time.

This is the first hanky I have done, in fact it's the first edging I have ever attached to anything. And I lamented over what pattern to use, I tried samples of several different edges and threads before settling on this. I got the idea from a lesson a few weeks ago from the online tatting class, we talked about josephine knots and I really fell in love with them. Special tip from me: Drop your shuttle through the ring before you close josephine knots, it makes them lie flat.

The next step of course is to sew this into a bonnet for new baby on the way. The end goal is that she will have it as her "something old" on her wedding day and be able to sew it back into a bonnet for her baby. I'm very sentimental and love heirloom type things. In fact, I had contacted my Great grandmother to see if she would send me a piece of her tatting, and come to find out great grandma doesn't tat much anymore and only did a little of it in the first place. Oh well. I do know that my grandmother has a piece that Great grandma had tatted, I've seen it in her cabinet.....I might have to persuede her out of it. Or duplicate it and switch it out....what do you think Grammie? :-) Anyway, all that is to say that I am not a part of a great tatting legacy like some. Great grandma and my mother were both dabblers I guess you could say ( Mom edged a sweater vest for me in kindergarten as I recall, then I never saw her tat after that). And the aforementioned "grammie" has in fact asked me to teach her to needle tat as she hasn't gotten the hang of shuttles as of yet. So maybe it's a partial revers tatting legacy? I do hope to teach my little girls to tat someday

Edited to add: Sorry! I forgot to post the thread info! It's Lizbeth again, color 118, it's called Bubble gum mix. (since it's a newer thread, some might not know that Lizbeth only comes as size 20, and is available through Handy Hands) And for those interested the pattern is just rings and chains with 4 stitches between picots/joins. Two shuttles are used to throw the josephines off the chains.


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I really like your hanky edging. I have some scalloped edged hankies that I haven't done anything with. It's too hard to decide which pattern to use! What size thread is this?

Ridgetatter said...

You did a great job with a first hanky. I have some Lisbeth Bubblegum thread, too. Isn't it a bubblicious color?
Very nice and will be such a keepsake!
hugs, Bev

TattingChic said...

That looks great! I like the edging! I haven't tried to put an edging on a scalloped edged hanky yet, so I admire your "courage", LOL! That thread is a cute colorway! I just got my state income tax refund so "handy hands" here I come! LOL! :)