May 2, 2009

More new ones!

The pictures are awful of course, because I didn't finish the earrings during daylight hours. But, I have two new earring designs, The littler purple ones only took maybe a little over an hour to make, and now that I know the bead count I can string them on in the beginning and save a little time. The pictures below are not as true to color as I'd like, the purple is a really deep violet. It's Lizbeth of course, I'm in love with Lizbeth! The colors are so juicy and clear. So of course I ordered some more!

Right now I'm looking into what it would take to open an etsy, and how to coordinate things such as packaging and shipping, and of course pricing is a big question too. Any suggestions are welcome from those of you that "etsy".
I did also break down and start using that hand dyed thread, I think I have enough to finish a doily and maybe a pair of earrings for myself. The fun thing has been that in an effort to conserve that thread, I successfully climbed out of three rounds for the first time ever! I'm so proud of myself :-) The funny thing is though, that I had to add thread like three times on the last round because I didn't want to over load the shuttle and waste the precious thread! Eventually I'll have to have some more of Yarnplayers Roses, it's my absolute favorite colored thread in the whole world. But that will have to wait. I spent all my spending money on thread and earring supplies. Today I went back to a website I've ordered beads from before, and realized that they offer free shipping and no minimum orders! So Fusion Beads got some business from me.....some more drop beads and some swarovski beads too. They are local, so hopefully the beads will arrive in time for me to play with them before the "big day"! I basically have contractions every evening when I'm on my feet at this point, so any minute now!


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Your earrings are absolutely beautiful! I wish I could wear them... I'd be among your first Etsy customers... I LOVE Etsy! Ooh! Maybe instead of earrings, you could tat some pendants or pins... those are something I can wear!

Krystle said...

Pendants are definitely on the list Diane! Do you ever wear clip earrings?

TattingChic said...

Cute! I love the teardrop beads that you used! Very pretty! :)

Fox said...

These earrings are terrific, Krystle!