May 8, 2009

Mothers Day Fun!

Dear Hubby is a sweetie pie, and indulged my love of tatting for mothers day. Here is my latest sampling of hand dyed from Yarnplayer:

From the top down we have "scarlet", which perpetuated this order in the first place. I ran out on the last round of a doily and had to be able to finish it of course!

second is more "roses" sz20. If I'm going to have all this scarlet left over I'd better have some more roses to pair with it, right?

Third is "Leafy" sz20. Gorgeous! I'm designing some flowers that will now have some lovely leaves :-)

And last but not least, "brilliant Sunset" sz 30. I missed out on all the size 20, so I might as well take this off her hands to convince her to do another batch.

Don't you love all of my justifications :-) Marilee's marketing worked on me, becuase the original bit of scarlet threaed that started this ordeal was a freebie!

He also let me wander on ebay, and I found some vintage thread that came in a lovely box. It's all size 80 I think, I don't know much about the old Star or Coats threads. Some are unlabled. This thread is for pure fun though, I can justify buying more Lizbeth and HDT for making Jewelry, but this stuff is just for kicks I think. There is also one other batch of vintage on the way to the house here for mothers day. Hubby is totally ok with this plan, it gets him off the hook as far as shopping goes. Now I'll just order breakfast in bed and we'll be square :-P

So I've had several tatting related packages this week, soem sworovski crystals and beads, and my Handy Hands order, containing more Lizbeth, some DMC cordonnet that I'm saving for a dying project this summer, some DMC 80 to try because I'm fed up with the Majestic, and the Myra Piper book that Diane has been messing around with lately.

Can one really ever have too much thread? Honestly, I'm not going to take mine out of the thread box and freak myself out with how much I have. Denial. It's a river in Egypt, right?


TattingChic said...

What a fabulous gift! That man of yours is a keeper!!! :)

Fox said...

Never - NEVER - can you have too much thread! Never doubt abundance!
Fox : )) Enjoy it!

shirley said...

Denial is a major waterway in Egypt..I have been there many times! There is never enough thread..ever!

Those hand dyed threads are beautiful. That is the same system my husband and I use....we are never disappointed with our gifts lol!!

Steph's (tat) Stuff said...

I have tons of thread, but every time I start a new project I say to myself, "I don't have any thread!". Of course, I then have to go shopping...

Love those colors. The 'Brilliant Sunset' is my favorite of the bunch. It works up beautifully. I also have a bunch of those vintage threads. They say 70, but it's the same as 80. Just be careful if you use it. Being so old makes it break somewhat easily if you're not careful closing the rings.