June 18, 2009

To dye or not to dye?

Silence, oh golden silence!

Both are asleep. Hubby is at work. My brain can breathe lol!

This week has been interesting for sure. Mom is visiting her mom right now, so I am alone with the kids. She left monday and we did fine that evening. Then came tuesday with a major migraine and a newborn intent on staying awake and nursing from noon to midnight. Hubby ended up staying home to help me because Ivi was coming down with a cold and she was a wreck, the house was a wreck, and I was quickly turning into a wreck! He helped me get back on top of things though, so right now I can savor the sound of nothing.

No new tatting pics, I have something new going up on etsy every few days though, so stop by the shop and poke around if you feel like it. Smaller projects like earrings seem to be the only ones happening right now, I don't want to work on anything larger at this point. And I figure why kill the fun by tatting anything other than I want to tat in my free time :-) (btw, free-time is a total misnomer. you pay dearly for it sometimes). Anyway, I'm trying to calculate how much of that time I would need to try my hand at dyeing some thread. Hence the title of this post. I've been itching for awhile to give it a try, there are some colorways I'd like to do specificaly for jewelry and I think most of the supplies are available locally. I also think that the only chance this summer that I may get to try this is while my mamma dearest is here to field some baby fuss. Hubby has a ton on his plate right now and I don't want to take away too much from his one day off. He has taken on a lot of responsibility at church, and works full time, and is doing overtime on Sundays twice a month, and putting up with me :-).

So, those of you who dye, if you have any advice on the do's or don'ts of dyeing, feel free to swing them my way. Is it just too big a project right now? am I nuts for even contemplating it? Part of me knows it is probably best to just wait until Meirah is older and things settle down a bit.

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Fox said...

I cannot believe you! Both my kids, who have two little ones each, are soooo busy all the time, and they do not even tat! And you are thinking of dyeing??? Are you mad, woman! I think it is amazing that you can get any little earring done! That said, if it makes you a better and happier person, and you have the time, energy, and patience, I say go for it!