July 26, 2009

A tattingland tour

Come and join me as we wander our way around the globe, to the natural habitats of some talented tatters. These wonderful folks took part in the "tatting space" blog challenge. Starting with Heather, who seems to migrate her tatting space regularly, while interacting with another indigenous creature.

Next we find Ladyshuttlemaker, and I'm sure that we all agree that she needs to start selling timeshare to her space. A whole room? That's what dreams are made of.

And I tend to agree with Ladytats, tatting is always better than cleaning. Always.

Gina has a shiny new blog to go with her lovely, and well supplied station. This "Best Press" is an intriguing item.

Another member of the Tatting-before-cleaning club, Lace-lovin' Librarian has previously hibernated in her space after an injury. I say it's not messy at all! Just lived-in :-)

Shirley has a tatting dresser that follows her around it would seem, but I can't locate her blog right now! Please do point me in the right direction Shirley, your blogger profile won't come up!
(found it! http://shadetreeart.com/?p=293)

Here at morduededentelle (aka The space between) we find a pristine looking spot with a view that would make any tatter sigh........

And finally, Sally has promised me to inspect her sisters tatting space and report back on her findings. We all want to know how Brain cell#3 likes things organized, right? (Note: Sally has added her pictures to her blog as well now)

My little zone can be found two posts down. I did get a few comments on the "neatness" of my corner, however it's all camera trickery I assure you. Look closely and you will see the baby laundry beside the chair, and the pile of burp rags below the tray table.

I hope you have enjoyed the tour as well as the challenge. I have a few other ideas for fun games to play, so stop by again and join in the fun anytime! And please do comment if I haven't caught your challenge post yet. I'd love to add them too!

Edited to add new sightings:
Tatforfun has recently aquired another room in the house and is sharing it with her hubby's guitars.

and Tatskool shows of her space that has been tidied up a bit after curtain installation.

Charlotte at quiltification posted pictures of her most recent place-for-tatting in lieu of further confusing the other train riders.

And as always, brain cell #3 is way ahead of us all! Jane posted her space a month ago. Forever one step ahead!

I also wanted to recognize this tatting spot - Aileen has a very special tatting "bag".

enlightenedbyangels also has a tatting spot,

And joyintatting has joined in the fun too.


Jane Eborall said...

But I put mine on weeks ago!!! My mess is here!!!! http://janeeborall.blogspot.com/2009/06/i-know-i-know-i-know.html

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Be sure to check out Tatskool's space... I want her curtains! I may even clean my sewing room this week since I've been inspired by everyone's work spaces! Why limit myself to one corner of the living room? Thanks for inspiring this little tour!

TattingChic said...

I thought this was a cool thing to do. Since I already explained myself previously, I won't get into THAT again, LOL! Oh, I saw Pamela/Tatskool from Ireland showed her spot,too! As did Suzanne from "The Space in between"!

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Hee hee....timeshare.
If you ever make it to my neighborhood you are more than welcome to stay!

shirley said...

Hi sorry you couldn't find me. My blog is Shadetreeart.com

I really enjoyed looking at everyones tatting space! I need to claim a corner of the house!