November 12, 2009

The DR. is in

After hearing much lamentation over the speed (or lack thereof ) of Fed-Ex ground shipping, I was relieved to find Dr. Von Threadmore's much awaited package on the doorstep. That girl has no patience.
Our first order of business was swatching the new colors.
The DR. was too caught up in her "moment" after the swatches were dry, (I heard her say something about "The Precious".... I dunno.) so I put together a recipe box to hold her dye formulas and color cards. And while the kids were napping we did some teamwork and painted a new batch of thread which is curing for the next 24 hours.

You know, I like the Dr and all, but she is a little eccentric. And she does things I find out about she pretended she was me and told my husband that I required....I mean requested....a skein winder for Christmas. Crazy, right? And you should have seen her when Diane posted about the spinning wheel pattern she is working on. "I've been Featured!" she exclaimed while doing a ridiculous happy dance of sorts. She may be good with color, but the girl can't dance.


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Oh, dear! I feel like an enabler! But, that's good... right? ; )

sewmuchfun4 said...

Oh, she is VERY good with colors! Those "precious" swatches are BEAUTIFUL! Sorry about the dancing though - can't have it all I guess...
:) Ann

Fox said...

Wonderful! I have no guilt or shame.... Dye away, Dr VTM!!! I can't wait to see more HST emerge from your pots of dye!
(Are we REALLY enabling..... oh, so what! LOL!)
Fox : ))

Ridgetatter said...

I'm very concerned about having Dr. Threadmore muttering, "My Precious." . ollum came to no good end! I'm sure you can take control of Dr. Threadmore; since she so obviously needs YOU to carry out her magic
As I recall Snoopy's dance consists of jumping from one foot to another! YOU can do that! or even a vertical hop up and down is possible. LOL XXX Bev

Isdihara said...

Tell the mad doctor that I think it's cool that she is gettin' her groove on! Can't blame her really, I busted a move myself after reading Diane's spinning wheel post. LOL!

(Eccentric minds think alike, I guess.)

Better keep a close eye on her "precious" tendencies. Don't want her getting all tricksy and false.

Krystle said...

Yes, the Dr. is back on planet earth today (well, as much as can be expected from her I guess). She is not allowed to come out while the thread is curing because she won't stop peeking at it.

meowy said...

If you and your husband are a little bit skilled with power tools (and what doctor doesn't like power tools!?) you can make a skein winder :)

I love mine made from this site (scroll down, it's free)

The square 1x1 poplar isn't with the normal lumber, I found it over by the dowel rods. Plus what you need is a niddy-noddy to wind the thread onto, then you tie it with acrylic yarn, then dye that! Then once it's done you use your handy dandy mad scientist yarn swift :)

Here's for the PVC niddy noddy