November 16, 2009

Lizbeth is here!

Two new colors of thread are available in my shop! And I am pleased to tell you that I'm now offering Hand dyed Lizbeth threads. I can't get enough of's super smooth and shiny. Right now my colors are available in size 20 and 40. Size 80 will be available as soon as it is available to me, Handy Hands says it should be available sometime early next year I think.

Let's meet my new colorways!

Ivria's Afternoon
Named for my daughter and the walks we enjoy together.....looking at plants and flowers, splashing in her favorite pink rainboots, with a healthy dose of sunshine.
This color makes me think of a Kite, or an '80s track suit.....really anything made of ripstop nylon.

These lovely threads are currently listed in the shop. I'm still learning so much about the process, so to fund my continuing education in dye, I'll be selling these for $6 per skein. The average price for premium dyed thread seems to be around $7 to $7.50, but my technique does not yet warrant that price. So take advantage of my learning journey and enjoy some great thread.

Please feel free to comment, tell me what you like or don't like. I love to hear from you!


Fox said...

Congratulations on your new endeavour! You have made terrific progress. I am still waiting anxiously for the mail to arrive with your first batch! Can't wait to see it. This is very exciting.
Fox ; ))

sewmuchfun4 said...

Krystle those are BEAUTIFUL! I love the names and color inspirations. I'm SO impressed and SO want to try some!
:) Ann

❦TattingChic said...

Love the names! The colorways are lovely. Oh, I was just wondering...when you're saying "Lizbeth is here" and saying the sizes it's available in are you just advertising for Lizbeth what sizes they have or are you just saying that you are now dying white Lizbeth thread into your colorways???

Anonymous said...

So Beautiful. Thank you for following my blog. I like yours and am looking forward to following it and seeing what your up too. I like what I see.

Krystle said...

- I'm now dying Lizbeth into my colorways. Right now Lizbeth is available to me in 20 and 40, and when 80 is available to purchase, I'll be dyeing some of that as well. I'll go edit that for clarification.

Previously I had just been dying whatever happened to be in the thread bin here, but now I'm only doing Lizbeth, it's a way to be polite to the other dyers if I can differentiate from their work by offering different thread than they do.

Katie said...

Ooooooooooooo, those are just lovely! I love the rip-stop colors!

Tatskool said...

Great job, hope you do well.