November 1, 2009

I feel happy. Oh so happy.

Batch number two!
I must admit that I feel more successful with this batch than the previous. I was actually being intentional about the color and it turned out encouragingly well. A few of the skeins had some small whitish spots but all in all I think I did OK.

The light outside is gone so I'll be trying for better pictures tomorrow.

Also, as I am out of thread, out of dyes, and out of funds, I'll be listing some thread on ETSY tomorrow to raise some resources so I can keep going. It will be cheap, just because it's my first couple batches and I'll also be listing a few "seconds"..... some skeins that aren't quite perfect, and I wouldn't charge much more than cost on those.
Please note my disclaimer. ----> I have no intention of trying to go after Yarnplayer, Ladyshuttlemaker, or Heather's business on etsy. I'm not here to compete. The inevitable result of my process is more thread than I'll ever use lol, so I'd just like to offer it so I can fund my hobbies. Also, to differentiate myself from the other dyers, I will only be offering dyed Lizbeth in the future. These first batches are just what I happen to have lying around to play with.


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

What fun colors! I know that dyeing is something I'll never do, but I sure have fun reading about other people's adventures!

Fox said...

Oh goody! : )) Fox

❦TattingChic said...

Very nice and vibrant colorways! Nice job! They look delicious!

♥♦Heather♦♥ said...

so pretty krystle
not to worry about going after any ones business atleast mine anyways we all have our own techniques that make our colorways different you are doing a great job!!!

Krystle said...

Thanks Heather. I hate unspoken competitive nonsense so thanks for being such a nice gal. I love the Ruth's Irish you sent btw!