January 1, 2010

"A Very Useful Engine"

My dear daughter's obsession with Thomas the Tank Engine has given me the perfect sentiment to begin the new year of blogging. For you see, on the Island of Sodor, it is every train's ambition to be bestowed with the title of a Very Useful Engine.

You see, in the coming year, I'd like this to become a Very useful Blog. Over this past year, I've gained so much friendship and inspiration, and I'd like to "give back" to the tatting community at large in any way I can. So, I've come up with a few ideas or ways that I can truly serve in tat land and be very useful indeed.

  1. I'm going to go back and properly tag my posts, so they will be easier to search and find topics or patterns etc.
  2. I'll be doing some tatting book reviews. You know, when I go to order a tatting book I always wonder until it arrives whether it is what I was expecting. So, I will go do some nice thourough review posts on my favorite books this year.
  3. My own Patterns, tutorials, etc. I think that at this point I have some ideas to offer in the way of technique, new things I've developed, and also sharing some jewelry patterns.
  4. More giveaways! I plan to perpetuate giveaways by doing a Pay It Forward giveaway each time I dye a new batch of thread. So keep your eyes peeled for the next time Dr. Vonthreadmore gets let out of her pen. Yes. I keep her in a pen. She really would run amok if I didn't. Don't worry though, she gets a steady supply of red licorice and chocolate coffee smoothies.
  5. More linked text and pictures. I am going to better plan my posts and put more time into clickable things, so that you have somewhere to go if you come across something you like here on this blog, like a pattern I've done if it's available online, or a link to the information I used to achieve a certain technique....etc.

There you have it! My first post was last year, January 28th. I'm almost to my one year bloggerversary, and I think it's time the blog grew a little, it's important to be a contributing member of society don't you think?

So, thank you for spending your precious time laughing and crying with me here in my little corner of Tat land. I look forward to the new year ahead!


Vanessa. said...

You're very clever to even think about these things to do, let alone actually doing them!

I look forward to reading your book reviews.

tattips said...

I wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year 2010. I hope you are successful in all your plans and endeavors.

Ridgetatter said...

All worthwhile goals for the new Blog year ahead! Kudos. It's always a good think to work those little grey cells; the brain is, after all, a sort of muscle
xxxx B

sewmuchfun4 said...

Happy New Year, Krystle!
I like all your plans for 2010, but I already think of you as a "very useful engine." If I remember right, Thomas doesn't always realize how helpful he is. Just don't let the good doctor dye you blue!
:) Ann

Sally Kerson said...

The author of the Thomas the Tank Engine stories Rev. Awdry - lived in one of the parishes I work in, about 2 miles from my home, so it was lovely to hear that your daughter is a fan of his books. Hope you achieve your goals/challenges, and a Happy New Year.

Jesse said...

I think your blog already qualifies as Very Useful! But yes, I'm all for the idea of contributing - going to try something like it over on mine too :)

A Happy Bluebird said...

Oh, I remember Thomas! My kids loved Thomas as well.

You are very ambitious! Best Wishes for 2010 and may all your goals be attained :)

Gina said...

All good ideas! But remember to have fun with it too!

And I like your bright new color scheme too!