December 26, 2009

The Catalyst.

The following definition hails from -"something that causes an important event to happen"

Enter the Catalyst:

Our story begins on a dark and stormy night. The weather had subsided to a minor rainy drizzle as the family arrived home from a long and harrowing thanksgiving visit. The small ones had skipped their naps, and many people were milling about the house they had visited, resulting in an entire container of Vicks Vaporub having been emptied onto the two year old's feet. The weary parental units were unloading the various baby happiness maintaining devices they had brought along, and as Mother was removing the screaming infant from her carseat in the house, they heard a much feared CRASH! Mother dared not look outside to see if her greatest fears had been realized, but it was true. Father had dumped Mother's entire tatting basket in the dark and muddy driveway. (gasp!) Holding back her tears, and the terror that she intended to rain down upon father, she dutifully tended to the small ones as Father chased numerous balls of Lizbeth thread, skeins of HDT, shuttles, bottles of beads, and every other bit of tatting paraphanelia that had inadvertently been strewn about.

He felt bad, poor fellow.

Mother tucked the little ones in bed before surveying the damage. Amazingly, all was not lost. In his fear of wrath-to-come, Father had quickly and nimbly collected the treasured goods resulting in only minor dampness and a general disorder of the tatting basket's contents. He would live to see another day! A great sense of relief came over both.

Three days later,

Mother was reaching into her re-sorted basket, when her hand touched something cold and wet. Hmmm. What could this be? Upon closer inspection she had found a soaking wet, and thoroughly squashed ball of Lizbeth size 20 thread in Western Sunset. Where did this come from? Wondering how she could have overlooked this precious comodity's absence in her initial inventory of the scattered stash, she raised the poor forlorn ball of thread in Father's direction to inquire as to the circumstances of it's appearance. Looking conspiciously unaware at first, Father broke like a cracker having seen the look in mother's eye. Yes, he had found it at the end of the driveway, soggy and run-over, squished almost beyond recognition. The thread was dried and re-wound on the misshapen ball, and Father again escaped unscathed as Mother pardoned the pitiful attempt at returning the thread unnoticed.

And what was the important event that followed the catalyst?

Enter "The Monstrosity".

I've included a picture with the almost-three-year-old for scale.
The finest Craft organizer box that Jo-ann has to offer, the Monstrosity now houses my tools and beads, and the pull out sorting sections hold most......ok some..... of my thread stash. Sorted by type and color thank you very much.
The open top diaper basket has been retired in favor of this latching case.

It is estimated that Father's lifespan has increased by several years following the purchase of this piece of organizational equipment.


Fox said...

LOL! When I read 'monstrosity', I actually guffawed! That tale is hilarious!
: )) FOx

Steph's (tat) Stuff said...

That's a right pretty tackle box you got there and your daughter is a beauty! I'm not sure I'd have taken such a calamitous as calmly as you did. Kudos to you! My storage consists of a 6-drawer rubbermaid container that I picked up for $20 at Big Lots. I don't want it now. I want yours!

Hope you had a great Christmas!

sewmuchfun4 said...

Ha! Ha! It was QUITE benevolent of you to pardon dear Father - he meant well. I like your new monstrosity. It definitely looks up to the task. Long live the Monstrosity AND Father!!!
:) Ann

❦TattingChic said...

That is a WAYYYYYY awesome tatting organizer! Woo Hoo! Way to score!

Beelizabeth said...

I don't risk those kinds of disasters- well, and my husband and sons don't have much patience for my craft supplies and wouldn't carry them for me any way- I carry my own. The monstrosity looks like it would be wonderful, though:)

Crazy Mom Tats! said...

Now what you need is a Tatting Sherpa to shlep your stuff. This was a big joke at Palmetto Tat Days this year - who had the best sherpa (willing spouse who shleps your stuff).

I wonder how long it will be until you need a SECOND monstrosity?

Ridgetatter said...

At least the dark and stormy night produced a happily forever after ending! Must keep the hackneyed phrases together, you know LOL
I really became engrossed in your tatters tale of toil and peril.
And I, too, like the "monstrosity' ~ did you know they make one with wheels? And, I'm so glad the Father lives to serve another day.
All the best for a prosperous and SAFE New Year! xxxx Bev

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Wonderful storytelling! I'm amazed you held it back until now, since all this happened around Thanksgiving! (Loved the 'VapoRub' story!) I was holding my breath, cringing at first, fearing a sad outcome, although there was no hint of a pending divorce in your recent posts!

Then I just roared with laughter at 'the Monstronsity' !!!! The storage makers love people like us! Although I'm sure your husband is even more grateful for it than you are!

I not only have to 'control' my thread and beads, gems, flowers, feathers, ribbons in the house; I also have a traveling Christmas tree, dollhouse, books, and lots of display items to transport to shows. At one time I even had a tent! There are rolling suitcases, baskets and plastic tubs. Fortunately we have a van to transport it all. However, there are lots of opportunities for dropping and losing things!

I have many stories to tell after 20 years of demonstrating, since a lot events were outdoors - there's wind and rain (even snow and flooding), etc. But it's all so much fun to demonstrate and meet people, that I keep doing it! Fortunatley, however, most events are indoors these days, and I no longer need the tent!

I do have to commend my DH for being extremely patient with all my craziness!

Enjoy the 'remainder of' the holidays with your wonderful family!

Jesse said...

That's a very desirable monstrosity! Hope you're having a wonderful festive season,and that that's the last crash you'll hear for a while!

H J said...

What a great story. And what a great container!

Tatskool said...

Great story, You had me on the edge of my chair! Wonderfull ending.

Isdihara said...

Woah and *phew* (as I wipe sweat from my brow) -- that was a captivating tale of horror and humor! I was transfixed with a lump in my throat at first and fits of mirth after you introduced the "monstrosity."

I should tell you that today I just finished "packing away" the tatting sprawl that has laid across my dining room table for six months. And said to my DH, I wish I had a tatting cabinet to store all this in, as I love tatting a little bit every day.

Now I am convinced that a monstrosity of my own would serve my needs quite well. Thanks for sharing!!!

Your daughter is a deadly little charmer and I am sure relieved that daddy lives to see another day.

Happy holidays and good tatting in 2010!

Bonnie said...

Father really is a good guy, isn't he. I like Monstrosity. What a wonderful end to an almost tragic story.

Happy New Year!

M said...

Love your story of woe. I had to laugh at the attempted returning of the ball in the hopes that you wouldn't notice. This is the difference between men and women I think, you would NEVER have not noticed.