April 21, 2010

More shuttlebirds......The classes.

Just realized I missed someone in the last posting.... Karey Solomon! Here she is!

I was happy to take two of her classes, and this is the perfect segue into showing the projects from all my classes!
I need to finish the split rings on the second side, but this is the "Spring Fires" bookmark from my first class with Karey, in which I learned block tatting, as well as a new method to SLT (Shoelace trick) without having to release the shuttle. Very Slick. Karey is one smart Chick.

Here is project two, also unfinished. It's a celtic motif to be sewn on the green box it is sitting upon once it is completed. This was a two part class, so I really thought I'd have this one finished (!) but it was the last class on the last day, and my brain was done before I was. One interesting thing about this motif, is that round one was tatted with one of Ladyshuttlemaker's metal shuttles, and part of round two was tatted with one of her personal ceramic shuttles. She was kind enough to let me borrow them and give them a spin. Spoiled? Me? You bet :-)

This charming lil' thing is the folded ring angel that I made in Sherry's class. She is an excellent instructor, and one person asked if we were really sisters :-)

I think we could pass for sisters....don't you? I think we are the same height, close to the same haircolor...... she looks much better in that shade of tan than I ever would though. I might be jealous if we hadn't had so much time to hang out...so glad to have grown such an awesome friendship with you Sherry! You are wonderful.

I should show one more project, it's the zipper pull from Bina's class, in which I learned to suspend a bead in a ring on any axis, as well as a single shuttle chain, and roll tatting! Whew! I didn't get past the practice piece, so I'll show the real thing to you once it's done.

More shuttlebirds to come....you haven't seen any of my loot...

That may take a few more posts.



Carla said...

Very beautiful tatting work.

Steph's (tat) Stuff said...

I'm eatin' my heart over here at what I missed! Glad to see you had a blast! One of these days...

Ana Ruggeri said...

I think you both are beautiful!!!
I wish i could go to shuttlebirds!!

Fox said...

What a great pic of you and Sherry! You both look so happy and indeed like sisters!
♥ Fox : )

Tatskool said...

Sisters indeed, you both are wonderful. Looks like you had such a good time....green with jealousy!

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

You are a sweetie and you look more like my sister than my real sisters do (they are both blond)...how funny is that?
..can't wait to see all your loot!

Isdihara said...

AUGH! Having never attended a Tatting event, I am unprepared for the LOVEFEST you present - or my ENVY. Are all tat days like this?

If so, get me to Palmetto! (Actually a local lace guild is having their annual lace day April 24, so I MUST go, lest ENVY rattle my bones!)

Keep those Shuttlebirds installments coming! I'm chomping at the bit to see your swag.

So glad you had such a great time!