April 22, 2010

....still more shuttlebirds!

I'll bet you thought I'd be showing all my goodies in this next post......
But I do have more fun pictures. These show some of the general splendor of the event.

This is the auditorium where the main portion of the event is held. from this view, you can see the entrance on the left, directly out in front are the round tables where we had meals. To either side and behind are the vendors. I've never seen so much tatting gear in one place before...... If you couldn't find me during a meal I was sure to be found trolling the tables of thread and goodies.

Here you can see a table of books from Snowgoose. Many titles to choose from..... I did take home a few, surprisingly they were not the ones I thought I had wanted! Having a chance to browse a book before purchasing is not an option available to us very often, and I found myself surprised by some titles that I hadn't considered, and equally surprised by some of the ones I'd been longing for that did not turn out to be all that interesting.

OOooooh. The Lizbeth of it all. Again, snowgoose. You should have seen his Impressive display. He (can't remember his name) is carrying on the business since his wife's passing. He said that it made him feel close to his wife being back at the tatting events. And the great thing is, he knows everything about every item he sells...... and doesn't tat a stitch as far as I know.

Edited to add: His name is Pete, and indeed he does know tatting! Thanks Mimi!

Some of the lovelies on display. Barbara, one of my travel companions, was particularly enamored with the little beaded bags done by Patty Duff.

This is one of the doilies I mentioned that from a distance looks like crochet. She had done some beautiful pineapples, and we talked with her about coming out to our guild and doing a class. Our lace guild here is mostly bobbin lacers, and they are bringing in two or three teachers this year, so I'm going to petition for a tatting class.
Again, yes there is More to come! Loot next I promise. Really.
And there will be even more pictures to come, at next months guild I should be able to obtain a disk of the pictures that the "official" photographer took all weekend.
Nighty night!


umintsuru said...

Thank you Krystle. I really enjoyed your posts and photos of Shuttlebirds. Wish I could be there.

yarnplayer said...

What fantastic photos! Looks like you had tons of fun. Wish I could have been there...well, maybe, someday. At least by looking at your photos it almost makes me feel like I was there. BTW, you and LadyShuttleMaker do look like sisters!

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

It IS fabulous to get to browse books before buying....oh and Mr. Snowgoose's name is Pete.

MimiD said...

Hey Krystle,

Nice photos! A side shot of Pete Alderson is better than no shot at all. He's been a fixture at Shuttlebirds since the beginning, he and his wife Betty Alderson (yes, the author of Tatting without a Teacher, and do we miss her).

Pete can indeed tat, and probably knows the rudiments of bobbin lace and many other crafts too, thanks to Betty and their work together selling lacemaking supplies. I think he once taught needletatting at one of the early Shuttlebirds workshops.