May 7, 2010

My day Job

Lately I have been somewhat frustrated. There seems to be so much to do, and so little time to do it with. I can't seem to be able to cram it all in! I'd love to dedicate more time to my ETSY business and make some more dough, I'd love to focus on designing jewelry patterns and release a book. Some things you may not know about me--I'm an aspiring songwriter, so I'd love to spend more time focusing and getting my work together for a recording project, I'd love to perform outside of my ministry and branch into different areas of music, I'd love to go back to studying the guitar and piano.
The good news for me, is that most of the things I have to do, are things I like. Take this photo for instace-

This picture was taken last night at my church band rehearsal (that's technically my day's the one I'm paid for). In it you can see myself, with my daughter Meirah strapped to my back, and that's her Grandfather (he plays guitar on my team) holding the sunglasses on her face. So as you can see I do have a good time. The ministry we do is significant and I would never trade that. In fact, I'd still be doing it if I wasn't paid, I often forget that I do in fact have a real job.
The tough part for me is that I am not a naturally organized person in any facet of my life. I have difficulty planning ahead. In fact, I work best last minute, under the gun, and by the seat of my pants. That unusual skillset lends itself well to handling an ever chaning onstage environment, so it is not without use. The frustration is, that if I was better at implementing routine in my life, I might have time for my other aspirations. Right now I'm lucky if dinner is planned and the kids are clean. Don't ask me about laundry. Laundry is my nemesis.
So what does all of this mean to you? Well, it means that I dearly desire to be more involved in the tatting community, and contribute more. Alas I am not able to invest here at the blog in the way I'd like. So, I have to cut my strings of obligation to this blog. No, I'm not going away, I just need to have an internal discussion with myself about priorities, and let myself not feel guilty about spending less time here. Silly how I do that to myself :-)
Anyway, I do have a posting that is long overdue. I need to get other things started around here today, but I will fulfil the obligation of posting a tatted item I received in an exchange later on today. She has graciously posted about the item I sent her, and it's incredibly rude that I have not done the same. I offer my apologies and regrets, and will do the piece justice in my next post.


Isdihara said...

While I completely understand keeping your priorities in line, it makes me a bit sad to know there will be less of your lovely posts to read in the coming months.

Take care of you and yours, have fun and recharge your blogging batteries. That way when you are able to post they will be more dynamic than ever.

God's Kid said...

May the Lord give you strength to do what you need to, and peace for what is not accomplished, and some time to do what you love to do.
I was in no way scheduled as a young wife and mom, but I am more scheduled now that I have been married 24 yrs. and the girls are grown, but since 2 still live with us they throw monkey wrenches into the works quite often and it drives me crazy(and my husband messes it up too), so don't expect easier times with schedules either. :)
Have a blessed day! Sue

Crazy Mom Tats! said...

What a cutie you have there! I'd be smiling too!

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Setting priorities is a tough job, but it's something we all need to do. I'll enjoy your posts when they're available, and think of all the wonderful tasks you're completing when you aren't blogging. Have fun!

Vanessa said...

You remind me of my son - so talented in so many areas that it is difficult to choose what to do!

You are very wise to cut back in something rather than to continue juggling too many balls.

I look forward to reading your future blogs when you get time to write.

Happy Bluebird said...

I can so relate to your desire to do a million and one things! There are so many things I want to do, but just not enough hours in a day. (And I don't even have little ones to care for!) I think as creative people, we do this in varying degrees. AND, we place so many unnecessary obligations on ourselves, don't we?

Do what's truly important - and enjoy every minute of whatever the moment brings!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I just wrote to Vinnie that she seems to be among a group of tatters who need no sleep, and who are so creative and also have full time jobs and are raising children. I was thinking of you as belonging in that group!

I've often wondered how you managed all that you do, and reading this, you do even more than I imagined!

I've never had that much energy, even when younger, and really MUST get eight hours of sleep. I'm retired, have no children/grandchildren, and yet I have trouble posting once or twice a month! Not thrilled about cooking (hate food shopping!) and other household chores and would rather play the piano, tat, and surf the net!

My hat is off to anyone who is raising children - in fact I'm in awe. (Your daughter sure is cute in that photo! And you look quite relaxed and non-stressed! Happy Mother's Day, by the way!)

I certainly understand your frustration; however, it's a good idea to take stock and 'wind down' a bit, and make life less hectic. We'll just enjoy your posts whenever you can
find some time to fit them in.

Tatskool said...

Lovely photo. Do take time out to enjoy all the other important things in your life. We will still be here (I hope) ready to read your fun posts when you can write them. Will miss them!

Vinnie said...

Hi Krystle,
I think we all have times like these in our lives when we think that everything appears messed up!
( It happens to me so very often!)
But, isn't it a blessing God has given us so much to do and enjoy!
I live each day as it comes and try to enjoy every moment of it.
Go out there, do what your heart tells you to do.....and enjoy it.
We all love you and are going to be here, waiting for your lovely lovely posts.

yarnplayer said...

Hey, you are accomplishing tons of wonderful things! Kids are little for such a short time. It doesn't seem that long ago when my own 3 boys were all little - they are all taller than me now, and even the youngest (sophomore) is now starting to show the beginnings of a beard!
Being a mom is the most important and toughest job there is!

BTW, now I see why I can't read your blog on my i-pod touch - the lettering is all white! The i-pod doesn't pick up the colored background. Just a technical thingie I thought as a blogger you might want to know about.