May 9, 2010

So long overdue....

How selfish of me to keep such a treasure all to myself!
Fox was kind enough to agree to anexchange earlier this year. We had agreed to make bookmarks for eachother and I've been holding on to this beauty since I received it in February.
She did a lovely job of tatting it, the design is Mary Konior, I recognize the thread as Marilee's, and the lovely addition of the beads was all Foxy. She sent a lovely package filled with beads and treasures and I am so happy to have made a wonderful friend through this exchange. Thank you again Fox, you should be so proud of the work you is thouroughly enjoyed :-)
And I think I have found a good solution to my time delimma/crisis etc. I think I'll aim to do one post a week. That way, I don't lose touch with everyone, and I can still enjoy other pursuits as well as some sanity lol!
I am so blessed by all of your comments and encouragements. You really brighten my day, so feel free to leave me a little message any time! Thank you my friends.... See you 'round the blog!


TypsTatting said...

Love the Bookmark!

geraldine said...

I love the colours of this thread,mary konior's books i love. You can use them as they are or can change them slightly and get a new slant on a pattern. Blog's give me idea's of things to tat so keep them coming.

sewmuchfun4 said...

Wow! That's a beautiful bookmark!!

I relate to balancing blogging with crafting with family! There is never enough time, but that's life. I try to post weekly, at least, and that seems to be working. That way I can visit other blogs more or (gasp) EVEN spend time with my family. My oldest three know about the blog and are pretty good about letting me know if I'm getting too caught up in Blogland - checks and balances!

:) Ann

Tatskool said...

Pretty bookmark, see ya next week!

Fox said...

Thank you, Krystle, for your very kind words.

I do love the way you have photographed the bookmark. Pretty!

So glad to see you have resolved the blogging issue. So many would have missed you if were gone for too long. Hope you find this an agreeable solution. Works for me!
♥ Fox : )

Tattin' Kat said...

You are lucky--this is one beautiful bookmark. Now if you can just find some time to read :)

Karen said...

Oh, the bookmark is lovely. I enjoy reading Fox's blog and how nice you get to have a piece of her tatting.
Yes, Krystle, I understand your need to find time for life's other activities. I'll survive - barely - as I've missed your presence already and look forward to reading your future blog enteries. I applaud you for keeping priorities in order. It's a difficult decission for me when I have a special tatting project calling to me very loud! Karen in OR who so enjoyed getting to meet you in Spokane

Vanessa said...

You and Fox have both excelled yourselves with these bookmarks.

Not only is the workmanship superb, but the colour choices are excellent.

Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Krystle

I keep coming to see if you've something new.

Thank you for the visit to my blog and your encouraging words. Oh MY - if you should like to model a piece of jewellery on what I did please do, I would LOVE to see it. You've been an inspiration to me!

I keep trying small projects and saving little bits of this and that hoping to turn it into something unique. I keep picking up tread at thrift stores and yard sales (LOVE to recycle) and am thinking of trying to dye some of it - there is an awful lot of white and beige "out there" - any advice on this?

Hope you have a wonderful week!

~ Barb