June 12, 2010

The process creative

I've hired an assistant.
She hasn't been named, but she is a half body foam rubber mannequin.
I like her. She listens well.
And, she doesn't mind posing for photos without pay.
My new design assistant came into emply upon being found in a friends basement. If I hadn't taken her in, who knows what would have become of her. She is grateful.
So. with life aflutter all around me the rest of the day, I find myself looking forward to our time together in the evenings. We lay out projects, discuss color and design, and contemplate the meaning of all things creative.......like the current WIP that she is currently holding. It's a bib style necklace (well, it will be.) with various rosettes and flowers. It's also a great look at my creative process and how I go about creating.
Very rarely, if ever, do I pre-design something. The best pieces (in my opinion for whatever it matters) come from the flow of the process, and just happen. I'm like that in most areas of life. Planning ahead at anything is soooo painful for me. Seat of the pants is the way I'd rather do most things, however much frustration this may bring. And surprisingly, my day job is to schedule and facilitate a team of about 15 people. Their schedules are rarely out earlier than absolutely necessary, but we get on ok.
This necklace design, started with the red rosette on the left, and will continue to the right untill it makes me happy. Until then, I leave you with Dr. Vonthreadmore's promises of a return to the dye pots. She caught wind of my need for size 10 thread in solid colors and has declared her intention to provide the nesessary services.


Crazy Mom Tats! said...

I like your assistant. Is she working for you full time, or can I share her services? I'm assuming she works for a reasonably low wage. Perhaps we can make a deal...

Let the Dr out to do her work!

Fox said...

We used to call assistants like her "Judy". Is that still a word in usage?

Can't wait to see the return of the dear Dr.
Fox : )

Stephanie Grace said...

I can't wait to see the necklace in all it's finished glory!!! :-) I do wonder, though, if your new assistant realized that she'd be poked and stabbed with pins when she accepted the job... :-/ Perhaps she should be called Ms. VonPinMeNoMore? Or just VonPinMore? LOL.

-Stephanie Grace

Tattin' Kat said...

Yes, what is your assistants name!! At least she has a nice home and is not homeless :)

Tatskool said...

Great idea, love Stephanie's name for her.

Mrs. Miles said...

You're so funny! I always feel inspired and entertained by your posts. Thanks for sharing, Krystle!

~ Barb